Monday, April 20, 2015


Hi guys! It's middle of the night and I'm proud that I get to edit my video after coming back from The Script's concert. I can only say that THE SCRIPT IS AMAZINGGGGGG! I've been listening to their music since idk when, and listening them live gives me chills. Each and every songs have so much feels I can't even brain....

Anyway, here's an early April vlog before I head off to the big apple on Tuesday morning!

FYI, before I end this post, here's a little snippet on my mission to New York! I am actually joining the Kiehl's team to explore some cool new stuff. Me myself is actually a fan of Kiehl's. I've been using Kiehl's Calendula Toner for years (tho I've switch brands in between but I end up getting the extra big bottle of their Calendula Toner). AND NOW THEY HAVE THE CALENDULA FACE WASH!!!!!!

If you are interested to get a skin test, feel free to pop by any of Kiehl's store and find get one! Don't worry, the Kiehl's team won't force you to buy anything, in fact, they'll give you free samples to try on before you decide anything.

Yay to me, here's some of my new products to try on!
Personally a fan of the face wash cuz it's from the Calendula range and their famous sunblock! Haven try the other products yet, but I heard the clay mask is trending! Btw, hop on to Kiehl's Malaysia website for more info!

Okay, gotta go get some sleep now!

Thursday, April 9, 2015


Finally had a little bit of time to edit my March videos. It's a pretty quick one actually, my videos are just too random! It's so random, I didn't even think about the transitions lol....

I'm not sure if I'll continue doing it for April, but since I'm traveling to the states in 2 weeks, I'll definitely do a travel vlog on that hehe! Hope you guys enjoy!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

What Are You?

I don't read a lot of books, but I love to read articles/quotes on the internet, and sometimes it hits me so hard, I could change my whole perspective of life. Or maybe it's not about the books or articles, it just happens when you reach different stages of life where you meet different types of people/things.

Here's one question that hit me hard, "WHAT ARE YOU?

For those who are lost, who have no idea what you're doing in life, trust me, I've been there. I'm not saying that I've already have a clear vision on what future I have but I guess I know what I want to be. I want to be a person with stories to tell. I am really glad that in these few years, I met so many different types of people and these people, like it or not, they give you thoughts about life. You either want to be like them or you don't want to be like them.

I want to become a person built with experiences and knowledge, which explains why I never stop learning. I imagined myself as a mom, I want to tell amazing stories to my kids. I wish when I talk to someone, people gain something from me. I don't want people to get jealous on what material I have, rather, I wish people get jealous on my experiences. Experiences are far more valuable than any material you can buy. The irony thing is, you might not need to spend a single penny for experiences.

Just go out there and talk to people. Go get inspired. Don't get jealous easily on what you see on the internet, in fact, go deeper, study about this person, is he still somebody you want to be? If yes, LEARN! Stop talking to people who make you feel bad about yourself, because you know that you don't deserve any negativity. You know that as long as you're breathing, you have all the chances to become someone better.

Be someone who has stories to tell.


I never once imagined myself being on magazine covers, and here I am, on one of the biggest female magazine in Malaysia, Nuyou April's Cover. Nuyou launched 3 covers for their April issue, I can't believe I am one of them. Along side with our very proud Asia's Next Top Model Winner, Sheena Liam and Celebrity/Actress/my goddess Jojo Goh. I am one lucky girl. SO GO BUYYYYY ALL COVERSSS!!!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Physiogel Review

Travelling to me plays a big game in my life. Honestly, if you have the money, don't hesitate when it comes to travel. No matter if it's somewhere near or taking scary long distant flights, it's definitely worth more than what you're paying for. Anyhow, travelling to different places teaches you different things, you tend to think differently and you'll be surprise with the knowledge you'll gain. 


The down part of travelling to me is my skin gets really, really dry. The weather, the pollution levels (well, as you know, I love cities), everything affects my skin. Especially when I hate my make up stays too long for the day, I'll remove and do it all over for the night. It gets even drier. I even bought tons of different skin care to standby for different places :/


Now, if you have the same problem as me, today I'm going to introduce you a familiar brand,  youprobably heard of it, or came across on a random pharmacy's shelf, a hydroallergenic brand – Physiogel.

People who have sensitive skin are prolly more familiar to this brand as it's actually highly recommended by skin doctors to treat dry & sensitive skin problems. Rumour is, they don't really tell you the brand but they put it in small bottles and sell it. 


Physiogel products contains natural lipids that are similar to the skin’s physiological lipids with Derma Membrane Structure (DMS), a structure that is so similar to the skin. Also the moisturizers contain  no colourants, perfume and preservatives to enhance its hypoallergenic effect.

Texture of Cleanser, Lotion and Cream.

Great thing about Physiogel is you can use it in a lot of ways, for face & body. Cleanser as face/bodywash, or Lotion not only to moisturize skin but also, to remove make up. Big yay for me as I always remove my make up few times a day.

All you have to do is apply lotion all over the face.

gently rub it in circular motion all over the face..


Wipe if off using a facial tissue (very gently)..


Continue using Physiogel cleanser to cleanse and wash it off with water!


Frankly, you won't get the “clean” feeling as much as using other facial products but the cleansing effect is always there. We tend to think cleanliness by feeling it but sometimes, we won’t know if we wash the good bacterias off too. The clean-feeling somehow makes our skin even drier especially if we use cleanser foams/bubbles. 


Just so you know, having our skin moisturized prevents us from looking old, you won’t get fine lines and wrinkles easily if your skin is well moisturized. I know right, I'm 23 but I'm already afraid of my skin getting old as my lifestyle is so hectic. 


Never take your skin for granted! 


Meanwhile, you can sign up for a free trial at


*This is a sponsored post. Products shown in this posting was provided by GSK  for the purpose of this write up. All views expressed here are personal to the blogger.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

#JCGOESTOBANGKOK : Cafes & Restaurants!

Oh finally, like finally. I get to sit down and blog. I don't know when was the last time I really blog about something, but I guess you guys already got updates from my instagram! Still, I really miss the time where I get to really blog. I found a better & faster way for me to blog, by making vlogs! Fyi, I created a new youtube channel - JaneChuck , so please feel free to subscribe!

Okay, here you go! My Bangkok + Phuket vlog!

Here are the addresses for the places I visited in Bangkok!

Pullman G Hotel, Silom
(also for Playground cafe & 25 degree burger + wine bar!)
188 Silom Road, Bangrak, Bangkok, 10500, Thailand

Cafe Granola Bangkok  
Nordic inspired Modern cuisine 
3rd floor Central Embassy 
Reservation //  02-160-5626

Chatuchak Weekend Market 
(now opens on Friday night! 11pm till late)
Take train to Kamphaeng Phet instead of Chatuchak Park.

Siam Gypsy Market
From 5pm to midnight Thursdays through Sundays.
965 8 965/8 กรุงเทพฯ-นนทบุรี 29 Wong Sawang, Bang Sue, Bangkok 10800, Thailand

Mango Tango
- Siam Squares Soi 3  
- Asiatique 

On The Table, Tokyo Cafe

 Japanese + Thai Fusion
- 6th floor, Central World
- 3rd floor, Siam Discovery 

KarmaKamet Diner 
30/1 Soi Matheenvet Sukhumvit 24, Klongtoey Bangkok (Beside Emporium)

Izakaya, KU DÉ TA
39, 40 Floors, Sathorn Square Complex 98 North Sathorn Road, Silom.

Maggie Choo 
Novotel Bangkok Fenix Silom
320 Silom Road, Bangrak

Blog soon! tata!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Sometimes I wonder why people use prepaid when post paid is so much convienient. I was once a prepaid user when I first got my cellphone (I guess most of you too cuz our parents want to control our usage) and it was so inconvenient to buy credit top-up! Imagine having to constantly look for a convenience store to get top-up or ask a friend to send some credit over, haha.

I switched from a prepaid plan to postpaid plan not long after. From then, I'm forever a postpaid user.

But of course, everyone has their own preference, some prefer using prepaid plan because they might not need all the features that a postpaid plan provides. But to be a smart consumer, I believe comparing the plans available in the market right now enables us to identify the benefits that each plan offers and the value of the price we’re paying for.

I'm not sure if you're familiar with U Mobile plans, but if you are considering for telco brand, you can try to take U Mobile plans as into consideration. 

You might want to look at U Mobile's new postpaid plans as they has the cheapest plan as low as RM50, RM70 and RM28 /month!

The U Mobile postpaid plans have a higher-speed Internet quota, lowest flat call rates to all networks, plus FREE calls daily! You'll also enjoy FREE Internet roaming across Asia and Australia, the ability to share minutes and data with up to 3 SIMs, and your unused call minutes will automatically be carried forward to next month!

Talk about the reaping all the benefits in one plan.

There is also the Unlimited Mobile Internet Plans available with U Mobile that caters to your everyday needs. I don’t know about you, but having data is important to me as I always surf on-the-go, so having unlimited mobile internet in one package? Sounds like a clever plan to me!

For information on the UMI Plan go to

With U Mobile’s #GetClever campaign, subscribers will get a host of benefits available for both prepaid and postpaid subscriptions including more internet, carry forward talktime, lowest flat call rate and free calls every day!

Do make the right choice as don’t want to sign up for mobile plans that make you  pay for what you don't need or pay extra when data is used up!

For more info, go to

Monday, February 9, 2015

Ford Fiesta Test Drive together!

Finally get to have sometime to update a little bit about my test drive experience with the new Ford Fiesta. I invited a few readers to join me along for the test drive and I'm glad that everyone showed up! Courtesy of Nuffnang for making it happen :D

Not sure if you guys rememeber, I sort of became Ford Fiesta little ambassador 2 years ago, with the big posters hagging around Taylors University and spreading on newspapers. Ahh, cant believe time passed so fast, so much glam for that period lol. Anyway, here's a little recap on my test drive with the new Ford Fiesta 1.0L EcoBoost.

FYI, It comes with Sporty body kit, Day time running lights, SYNC voice-activation technology, Hill Launch Assist, Electronic Stability Control, Keyless Entry with Push Button start, Kinetic Design.

I personally love the steerring, super light and smooth. 

Still, loving the “smart” system they built in! 

Btw, The New Ford Fiesta 1.0L EcoBoost has one of the smallest yet most powerful engines in its class, powered by the triple award winning International Engine of the Year (2012, 2013 & 2014) which comprises of a 3-cylinder turbo charged engine paired with the Powershift ® six speed automatic transmissions. Super smooth!

My readers and I experienced the robustness of the 1.0L engine which has the base size of an A4 paper and were really surprised to feel the power of acceleration from a small engine. Plus we did it with extra confidence knowing that the car comes with great safety standards including 7 airbags!

Overall, I had a great time experiencing the Ford Fiesta 1.0L EcoBoost with all of my readers!I hope they all feel the same way too! Hope we get to do more up & close sessions like this in the future!

Interested to have a go at the Ford Fiesta 1.0L Ecoboost too? Head over to to book a test drive slot!


Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Oh my, it's almost end of January already and I was so busy since day uno of 2015! Every year I make a new year resolutions so when a new year comes, I'll see if I achieve any of it. It's funny how everyone does this new year resolution thing but I'm not sure if we really remind ourselves everyday. I certainly don't remember almost any of them so I am going to read it through and prolly see if I ticked the boxes.

As how I did it every year, this is my 2015 resolutions :

1. EARN more than whatever I'm earning last year. Not only in terms of money, also in terms of  achieving dreams!! I'm glad that I'm now not just a blogger/social media, I'm also a dj, barista & most of all, an entrepreneur. More projects to come and I'm getting more excited than ever! 

2. Blog more about inspirations. I want to inspire more people.

3. Taking work-out routines seriously, I want to look as fit and healthy as possible. I don't need to be skinny but I want to look healthy. 

4. Eat as healthy as possible, cut down those fatty food or sweet stuff.

5. Plans for #daphchuck music festival/concerts hunt! (Ed Sheeran is confirmed!

6. Read more books, I think this was on my 2014 resolutions, and I think I only finished less than 5 books in a year. #fail 

7. Learn how to cook/bake! I'll go for the simple ones like the ones on Pinterest lol.

8. Make more YouTube videos for my personal and GBGTV! Really appreciate that if you could subscribe both Janechuck & GBGTV , it helps motivates us to do more! 

9. TRAVEL TO MORE PLACES! I wanna break last years record. Hopefully. Like they said, always spend on traveling when you are young, life is too short to not see the world.


10. I really want to skydive. 


Okay the last one I'm not sure if I can do it but since I have no idea what I have in my mind anymore, sky diving just came into my mind lol. I can't take bungee jump but I think I can go for sky dive!

I think I'm prolly the last one making new year resolutions. If you haven please make one, it's fun so see how much you've achieve in a year. If you did, do share with me by dropping me your blogpost link into the comment link! I would love to read it! 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Hate to say this, but I have a serious addiction with good chocolates. My all time fav snack, KitKat, has finally launched a new premium series, they name it “Rubies”. I am more than glad to be one of the first ones to try them at KitKat Rubies media launch last month at Royale Chulan, Kota Damansara.

At the launch, we get to make our own chocolates with the man behind these rubies, Thierry Martin. He and his team gave us a short presentation on how they make the best chocolates! It's pretty amazing to see how chocolates are made. Heat/Melt, Temper, Mold and Cold.

Thierry showing us how great chocolates are made!

We get to add our own ingredients into our chocolates! I added strawberries and hazelnuts! Yums

Back to the Rubies, if you love KitKat, you will definitely love the Rubies! Each precious gem is layered wit rich chocolate truffle, a crispy wafer center and pieces of hazelnut encased in smooth milk chocolate. Btw, the hazelnuts are imported from Spain!

Comes in pretty red packing! The KitKat rubies comes in a box of 20, priced at RM35.90, available in all supermarkets nationwide. With the nice packaging, be it New Year or Valentines’ Day, this would be a perfect little surprise for your loved ones!

We had a great time with KitKat, thank you Nuffnang and Nestle KIT KAT for having us!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Free roaming anyone?

What is the worst thing that could happen that will ruin your entire trip? (to me)
Having no internet access.

Okay I don't want to go all “I can't live without internet” but honestly, the internet is part of my life. No, I don't think it's a good thing to stare at your phone and not enjoying the moment, but for me, I love sharing the moments with my followers. So what I normally do is, I will only go online when I was having coffee and I update my stuff.

Imagine if I don't have instant internet access, I think I wouldn't have the same mood while sharing after a week or two. Which explains why I am obsessed with my own instagram feed when I was in my europe trip (sorry for being thick face lol but I really put a lot effort on my editing and photography).

I just can't.

Thank god that I loaned a pocket wifi and most cafes offers wifi. Of course, how good is it if we don't need to pay for internat when we are in overseas. Seems like it's impossible but here I tell you, that this is possible. FREE INETERNET ROAMING is legit, available in 8 countries & regions, including Australia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand, only for U Mobile prepaid users.

To be eligible for the prepaid Free Internet Roaming special offer, you need to make a top up with the  minimum amount of RM50 to enjoy complimentary 50MB data everyday for the next 30 days. Once the 50MB limit is exhausted, you can continue to enjoy internet roaming services at the lowest rate in the Malaysian market at RM30/day for all applicable countries and regions. YES, for the history, IT IS THE CHEAPEST.

Apparently once you reached your travel destination in any of the 8 countries and regions, they will be automatically connected to U Mobile’s preferred roaming operator, allowing you to immediately enjoy the Free Internet Roaming service. Awesome.


U Mobile’s FREE Internet Roaming of 50MB everyday lets you stay connected while travelling overseas. The 50MB FREE quota is sufficient for those who are like me who love to share their special moments, interesting thoughts, and latest status updates via social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, or for them to connect on instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp™, WeChat™, LINE™ and KakaoTalk™ .

For more info about U Mobile Free Internet Roaming, please go to