Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hello again, Tokyo Disneysea!

ただいま I'm back! I've been thinking what should I blog about first when I come back from Japan, there's so many to blog about but also there's tons of useless photos lolll. I think I took almost a thousand photos of cherry blossom but not a single one on today's post. heh. 

Today is my second visit to Tokyo Disneysea! If you have read my first Tokyo Disneysea visit last year you can read it here. I personally think that my first visit was a lot better than this.

This second visit is more like a Disneysea sight seeing day, we did not manage to get on any ride, cuz we didnt know IT WAS SCHOOL HOLIDAY. The average queing time for each park/game is about 2 hours. Even getting into the Duffy store takes 2 hours. I mean WHO THE HELL QUE TO GET INTO A DUFFY STORE?!?!?!?! I mean if it was a 20 minutes que I prolly still okay to que but it's like 2 hours??? The crowd that day was madness, you can't even tell what are these people queing up for until you walk for 10 minutes and snap, they're queing to get into a duffy store/restaurant/game/etc.  So if you ever want to visit Tokyo Disneysea or Disneyland, MAKE SURE IT'S NOT A HOLIDAY.

I thought I took a lot of pictures but apparently most of them are useless cuz there's too many people photo bombing :( Btw, I got a new camera if you're wondering! It's a Canon 100d and yes, all these pictures are taken by my new cam, also edited through vscocam.

Super cute disney vending machine once you get off from the train. Japanese are so good at marketing lolol. 

TOWER OF TERROR! I was so excited to take this ride since the day we decided to go Tokyo Disneysea until I saw the waiting time... frigging 3 hours queeeeee@$!#)!@(#!SFK!@!!! 看見花兒也謝了so拜拜 ain't nobody got time for that.  Also blame that we went quite late that day (around 12pm I think) so the fast pass was all gone.

Polkadots X Jeans X Airmax90
 Somehow we brought matching outfits so we wore it to Disneysea! Ashely didn't want to wear same same :(

 Trust me, this is like one of the 109323 shots taken in the same spot.

so here another bonus pic. Credits to Ashley hahahhha.

 Yes, you need to que for this, BUT IT'S WORTH THE QUE CUZ IS SO SO SO GOOD!!! 
I mean theme park food or nibbles like that usually look good but taste ugh, I even expected it will taste crappy but this was surprisingly yummy . I think it's called mochi, it's ice cream inside.

yea, the point is you can see people queing at the backgroung...

 The story behind this photo is the weather gets so cold, all I was thinking about is getting a heatech from Uniqlo.

 people.... people everywhere...

 I didn't know about every popcorns stalls in Disneysea sells different flavors of popcorn until that day. This one is near the duffy area where they sells Milk Tea popcorn!!!!

 Yeap, milk tea taste a lil bit too sweet for me. Hope someday I get to try the other flavors too!

Unfortunately we didn't stay until the fireworks that night cuz IT WAS TOO COLD. I felt a lil bit sad cuz I didn't catch the fireworks on my last visit too :( Well, now I think I have an excuse to go Disneysea again.....

Tips or whatever it is :
2.  GO EARLY AND GRAB ALL THE FAST PASS TO AVOID QUE (no you still have to que but not as long as the normal que)
3.  TRY DIFF FLAVORS POPCORNS and tell me which is the best lolololl..
4.  THEY LAUNCH DIFFERENT DUFFY EACH SEASON so try to get one when you can!
5.  Tokyo Station => Maihama Station => Disney

Okay, time to edit the rest of the Japan trip pictures! Stay tuned!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

KOKOkim X Isetan

Blogging all the way from Japan now! The weather here is really cold, about 13 degrees ( consider cold for Malaysian I guess...) I didn't really plan my everyday outfit for this Japan trip, and I think I'm running out of clothes to wear! Anyway, this whole japan trip is all for the sakura! One of biggest dream and I can't believe after all these years I'm finally here *tears of joy*

Imagine walking on this street everyday. Yes, I walk by this street everyday to the apartment I'm staying! Glad that I'm here at the right moment where the cherry blossom blooms ❤️ Okay don't be jealous cuz you can feel the Japanese vibes happening in KL too!

Isetan is having Japan Fair 2014 now and it's ending soon! Honestly you can really feel like you're in Japan especially the Japan Food Fair...

Also, if you love Japanese Harajuku fashion, you should head up to the women's wear floor and check out KOKOkim booth! 

KOKOkim is own by Japanese famous blogger/model Kimura U and she just had here fashion line debut last month on March 21st! She is the creator of MoeHara style where it's the mixture of Akihabara & Harajuku, a brand new fashion category! You can read more about Kimura U at

FYI, Kimura U is ofificially appointed by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs as " Kawaii Ambassador" to represent the pop cultures of Japan to the world! 

Oh ya! If you happen to visit KOKOkim booth, don't forget to mention my name "janechuck" or chuckei to receive a free LIZ LISA eyelashes without purchase is fine! Of course, only 30 pairs available, first come first serve so better be the first 30 visitors!

Hope there will be more Japanese fashion brands coming into Isetan Malaysia! I'm glad that they started bringing in and introduce different Japanese fashion brands to the Malaysian! Can't wait to blog about Japan soon!!! Sending love from Japan, xxxxx.

More about Isetan Japan fair :

Monday, March 31, 2014

Herbal Essences Japan Series Media Launch

It was the Herbal Essences Japan Series Media Launch @ Botanical, BV.

I am more than glad to be a part of  Herbal Essences Japan Series campaign with Cheesie. Herbal Essences Japan Series is all about providing a touch of smoothness to moisturized hair, both formulated in Japan. Of course, not forgetting the shower scent-sation with Herbal Essences.

Herbal Essences’ Japan series introduces the Touchable Smooth haircare variant which leaves hair silky smooth to the touch with a sweet yet subtle smell of rose and camellia.  Its Touchable Moisture variant repairs weak and damaged hair by sealing each strand with moisturizing agents while its soft and creamy fragrance with hints of peach and Osmanthus flower lasts all day, keeping hair fresh and enviable.

Cheesie and I had a great time sharing our experience with Herbal Essences. Both of us agree that scent plays a big role in our daily life. I mean it's a big plus point if you look good and smell good.  I lam more to the floral scent type of girl, my perfumes are mostly floral scented which is why I really really love Herbal Essences Japan Series! I am more to the Touchable Moisture side cuz it smells really lavender-ish and I LOVE LAVENDER, not only that, love how it smoothens my damage hair. Fyi, I dye my hair once a month so hair care is really important to me!

Also, we announced the upcoming Neo Gal party where both of us are hosting it!

Lemme give you guys a little recap!

The first ever Neo Gal party @ The Pool, Ampang will be held on the 13th of April(next month yay!) and we’re totally going to rock the house! Remember remember to show me your ‘Sweet Rose’ or ‘Soft Lavender’ Japan Inspired OOTD/Make-Up Styles/Hairstyles through Instagram, and also tagging #HerbalEssences @Nuffnang and @JaneChuck

Everything’s going to be really sweet and awesome!
Besides than the OOTD contest we are running for Neo Gal Party, we are also having a bathroom makeover contest where you'll stand a chance to win a bathroom revamp by me and Cheesie!

1.    Upload your Before bathroom photo onto your Instagram account
2.    2. Hashtag: #sweetscentsation #cheesiejane #HerbalEssencesJapan

Contest runs from: 26 February - 1st April 2014.
Grand Prize: 1 x grand prize to win: RM5,000.00 worth of makeover items (accessories, new mirror etc) plus one year's supply of Herbal Essences Japan series products.

2 x consolation prizes: Each to receive: RM1,200.00 worth of bathroom accessories including a full set of Herbal Essences Japan series products (bathroom accessories worth RM1,000.00 and products worth RM200.00)

Can't wait to see your bathroom before photos!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March 2014.

Hi blog, I miss you so much so does my readers. Such a shame to tell people I'm a blogger when my blog is literally dead :( So here I am back again, finally get to update some bits of the recent happenings or should I say how's my March... Yeap, it's going to be a one shot thing since March is ending and didn't really blog this month. WHAT THE FUQ AM I THINKING. Maybe time passed so fast I didn't even know I left my blog died for a month....

Furla Candy Brissima Malaysia Tour @ Pavilion.
Thank you Furla for having me and also giving me my first ever candy bag! Still waiting for the official pictures taken by Paul ( All Is Amazing ) hehe!

Future Music Festival Asia 2014 @ Bukit Jalil.
One of the best rave I ever been thou the third day of FMFA cancelled due to unfortunate deaths. Please don't do drugs. It's not cool at all and I think there's many way to make rave fun! Like how we girls did.... If we ever have rave parties in Malaysia again :(

 Predrink before party! 
Of course don't get drunk before getting in to the party. KNOW YOUR LIMITS!

We dress in themes! 
The first day we did is Army (cuz FMFA theme was jungle so we think that army is quite relevant lolll) and we decided to bring White Sensation for ASOT650. HAHAHAHA. Third day suppose to be HAPPY themed but... yea no point mentioning it anymore.

Glow sticks makes everything 10 times fun-er!

Armin Van Buuren did this #PRAYFORMH370 in ASOT650, felt so touched!

Putting on First Set of Invisalign @ Mydentist, Jalan Ipoh!
 Okay you can't really see what is he doing... Anyway a lot people ask my why do I need to fix my teeth when it's straight... IT LOOKS STRAIGHT but it's not at all! Apparently I need to undergo a lot of stuff to get the perfect teeth ~ It's all for the perfect smile I wanted :)

  Urunique Treatment @ Skin Art Aesthetic Clinic.
Not sure you can see but what I did was having my under eye fixed and added a lil apple cheek to fix my unbalance face :/ Doctor Rachel used Restylane fillers which is one of the top brands. HONESTLY PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH ON AESTHETIC BEFORE PROCEEDING. I found out that there's a lot of people promoting about aesthetic procedure done by xxx please call them to book appointment and shit like that but not all of them are REAL DOCTORS. Prolly just someone who has cert to inject stuff but no, not doctors and you must always know what are they injecting on your face.  Yes, it's all non surgical procedure but still, you need LEGIT doctors with LEGIT products, it's your face that you dealing with.   

 Honestly this whole blogpost is quite random lollll....

DJ for Play Tour @ Ibeam, BP & Live Club, JB.
Had a super great time at both Batu Pahat & Johor Bahru.Brought Baby Ash along and glad that she had a lot fun too! Big thanks to Xuu for bringing us around JB. Meet a lot new fun friends, visited cool hipster cafe... I can't wait to go there again :D

 Bev C Clothing.

 Roost Repurposed & Recycled where they serves coffee & froyo!

Yummy beef noodles we had in Roost Bistro.

Who does Thai food at 4am? Us.

 Back in KL.... with more food....

Cafe Bene @ Solaris, Mont Kiara.
Cookies & Cream Bingsu is so good!!!!!! Haven tried their coffee yet tho...

Had a lot of Mentai today @ Sushi Zanmai. 

I AM GOING TO TOKYO THIS SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!