Friday, December 19, 2014


To be honest, I'm a huge fan of Maggi. I once tweet about my best combi “breakfast” is actually Maggi and a cup of Milo few years back and it is still my fav. I could say my fav flavor goes to Asam Laksa but I also like the others like curry/tomyam/chicken flavor.

It is not that I want to be so thick-face but I seriously think that I cook the best maggi (soup ones); I never really like people cooking my maggi cuz I think they can't do the taste I wanted, except for my mom, she does it how I likes it #momsthebest

So here's my secret to cook the best bowl of maggi in 3 minutes.

I'm cooking a new flavor today, Maggi Royale – Penang Seafood Curry.
 For me, my maggi couldn't be complete without an egg. I'll actually go to neighbour to get eggs if I am eager to have a bowl of maggi but I don't have eggs lol.

Usually how I do is, I use my bowl to measure how much soup I want, I like my soup to taste thick so just pour a little more water to estimate that it will evaporate. Also, I uses hot water cuz I want it to boil fast.

See how big pack is the chili paste, also comes with cremer and prawn flavoring. Yums.

Put everything in when it started to boil.

So when to add the egg? Right after you feel the noodle is less hard and starting to soften. I just leave my egg at the side and continue cook my maggi.

Close the fire when you can feel the noodles are still bouncy. Noodles that are too soft will just kill the whole bowl.

And here you go, my ideal bowl of Maggi.
Look at the egg yolk *droolllll. Sorry for being full of my maggi lolll.

Soup is just nice.

Btw, I'm really impressed with this Penang Seafood Curry flavor. I think I did a great job cooking it cuz it taste like it came from penang or maybe its just Maggi did a great job on the flavor #asalways. I'm so gonna try the next one flavour in the Maggi Royale range, the Maggi Royale Korean Spicy Braised Beef! Any suggestion what should I add in? Kimchi???

You guys should really try the new Maggi Royale range too!
I am giving away 10 gift packs to my readers – drop a comment in the comment box telling me what is your preferred way to cook Maggi; the first 10 commentor will win the gift pack!

Good luck :)

Thursday, December 11, 2014

#PARIS2014 : L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon

Hi guys! I finally have the time to sit down and open my laptop. I've been really busy after coming back from my Europe trip, so many things to keep track on after having 2 weeks of fun. Yes, as busy as it seems, I sort-of went viral two days ago on facebook, thanks to some psychotic idiot who wrote TWO bullshit posts about me on gigacircle. Don't worry, I wasn't really affected by the posts, I really took it as a joke. Anyhow, I think that I needed to say something to keep my guards so yea, posted a statement on my facebook page and I'm glad to have my readers who always back me up and believe in who I am. #blessedmuch

Okay this post has nothing to do with it, I was wondering what should I blog about my Europe trip. The first thing my friends ask me about my Europe trip is "Which place I love best?", I couldn't really decided one, but I think PARIS is one of the best cuz I just had I the BEST MEAL I EVER HAD in my entire life - - - L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon (credits to Aileng who introduced me to dine here)

I never really fancy fine dining, cuz I usually think that it's not worth to pay so much for such little portion B-U-T this one, seriously, this one just had my mind blown. Lucky us, we manage to get a table by walking in (we actually made a reservation an hour before we dine so I guess we considered as walk-in lol), it's better to make a reservation if you're planning to dine there.

(click to enlarge)
Compared to a la carte menu, we think it's more worth to just go for the designed 11-course menu as we can try most of the dishes. It's Euro 198 per pax and yes crazy expensive if you convert it to ringgit. BUT TRUST ME,  NO REGRETS for paying the price for fine food they serve. They have a few branches in a few countries but from what I know, this one I went in Paris is the best.

(sequences following the menu above) 
you know you need a break lol.

11-course meal is crazy, every dishes are so well presented, every bite are like sparkles! The dishes literally brought my taste buds into the whole next level, never enjoyed a fine dine so much (as I always think it's such pain in the ass for paying so much for a meal). THIS TOTALLY WORTH THE PRICE. I think I can never forget this amazing food experience #ithinkicandiepeacefullynow.

If you ever travel to Paris, please spare some extra money to pay a visit to is amazing restaurant.
Okay, blog more about my trip soon!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Why you should study abroad.

"You thought you've seen the world, until you came off the roof." Not sure whether you understand this, mainly it means that this world is so big, there's many things to be discovered, to be inspired. Which explains why I love travelling, I love getting inspired with people and their lifestyles.

I love talking to friends who graduated abroad and came back with great stories. It is true that people who studied abroad always come back will different mindset, and mostly, they're so inspired by the cultures and lifestyle they had in that specific countries. 

As you grow up, you tend to realise things, want matters and what not. Let me tell you something, something I think that people, especially kids who just grown into adults have to learn, is that we only had a chance to live this life and what matters most isn't how to "survive" through this life but the memories you create. Like my lucky friends who get to study aboard, they had so much great memories, it makes me jealous! Well at least when they get old, they get to tell interesting stories to their children!

I really wish I had the chance to study abroad. If you're considering whether you should go abroad or just stay in the same place, please, please take the chance. I can guarantee you will never regret even if it's hard to cope with a new life at the beginning. Have you heard of something like "Take the opportunity and figure it out after that." Yes, that's how you gonna make great memories.

Don't limit yourself because you are afraid. The only thing we wouldn't want to regret in life is the time we wasted, the time we couldn't travel back to.

Anyway, if you're interested or you have no idea where to go, maybe you can think about New Zealand, watch this :

1. New Zealand is a safe & peaceful country yet an exciting country.
Even though New Zealand is not a big country but it's very well-known for great outdoors, adventure, cultural activities and friendly welcoming people. You can study during the week and choose activities like bungy jumping, skiing, hiking, rafting, or exploring local culture in your free time.

2. New Zealand offers International recognition of courses and degrees.
New Zealand qualifications are of a high quality and have a reputation around the world for being practical, modern and desired. All courses, programs and qualifications offered by New Zealand institutions are quality assured by the New Zealand government. Major employers around the world recognize New Zealand qualifications and employ New Zealand graduates.

3. Opportunity to settle permanently in New Zealand 
If you complete your course successfully, you automatically get a 12 months 'Work Permit' under the student visa policy. In most instances this permit will be done at your institution itself. This allows you to work full time in any job of your choice. However if you want to get a New Zealand Permanent Residency (PR), then you have to find a job that is relevant to the course that you have completed. Eg: If you have completed a course in IT, then you have to find a job as a programmer, analyst, etc. This will immediately give you a 2 years work permit with all rights like free medical, etc. Upon receiving this 2 years work permit then you can apply for PR and normally will get it within 5-6 months. If you do not find a job that is relevant to your course, you can continue to work in any job for 12 months and try and recover some of the investment you have made towards your study in NZ. You will that way end up by recovering a bulk of the fees you have paid and also end up with an international experience There are plenty of jobs in NZ, and while it may not be easy to get one, if you are good enough, you will easily get one. 

Read more about studying in New Zealand:

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Libresse been a good friend of mine since years, can't even remember when was the first time I blogged about it. Oh time flies so fast, I think they became a part of my life, just like I'm growing up with them. Or maybe they are growing with me too! Just last month, they introduced two new products - Libresse® Maxi Night Secure and Libresse® Longer and Wider CurveFitTM Liner, perfectly carter to different woman needs.

As you know, leakage is one of the biggest problems most girls have (almost 1 out of 5 girls face leakage problems!). Libresse improved the body contour design for all range of products to enhance the absorption, by introducing the newly improved Deep Flow Channels (DFC)™, which incorporates a more compressed area at the back to keep fluid away from the skin for better dryness and new wider core for greater absorption. Unique and innovative, the enhanced features prevent side leakages and promise the most comfortable fit from day to night!

Libresse® Maxi Night Secure 
Studies have shown that 50% of the night sanitary pads users experienced leakage from the back of pads (Source: Innoscreen Ipsos 2013). The Libresse® Maxi Night Secure was invented to solve this problem by providing ultimate comfort with a new wider back for additional security, all night long! Available in both Unscented and Odor Control with Green Tea range 

Libresse® Longer and Wider CurveFitTM Liner
Designed to follow the natural shape and curves of a woman’s body. Its soft and pliable middle, wider front as well as a longer 17.5cm length helps keep you comfortable all day with the right fit that stays in place every time.

Libresse® products are designed anatomically to fit the body with its patented technology and trademarked design – Secure Fit™ and the newly improved Deep Flow Channels (DFC)™. Both features work hand-in-hand to achieve Libresse’s concept of ‘Absorption is Nothing Without Fit’. A registered trademark of SCA Hygiene, Secure Fit™ features a wider front to keep pads securely in place, a narrow neck and a split design at the rear to fit the delicate contours of your body. Not forgetting, Libresse® sanitary pads are easy to wash before disposal.

In conjunction with the release of Libresse® Maxi Night Secure and Libresse® Longer and Wider CurveFitTM Liner, LIBRESSE® THE HUNT were organised and the event kick-started on 7 October 2014 with a series of teaser and clues which were release via for the curious public to find a missing briefcase.

The campaign ran for three consecutive weeks with different clues provided each week, which eventually lead the public in finding the answers of the content of the briefcase. The campaign reached its peak on 28th October 2014, when the online winners of LIBRESSE® THE HUNT were invited to spent the afternoon with Adibah Noor and Fahrin Ahmad:

The Top 8 Secret Agent!

The afternoon was also filled with interesting activities and fun games, hosted by the two awesome celebrity. The media were also invited to witness the unveiling of the new improved and enhanced product.

I'm really glad that Libresse is always improving and being innovative to consumers, which is why I am always with them. The new products are available at most hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenient stores, pharmacies, mini markets and provision shops throughout Malaysia.

Libresse® Unscented range are retailed from RM2.95 to RM14.90 whilst the Odor Control with Green Tea range between RM3.30 to RM15.90.

For more info:

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


I've been blogging a lot about skin care these past few years and I always believe that keeping good skin is more important than putting on make up. I am the kind of person who will invest in skin care products, even my cosmetics are skin-care based. 

Anyway, a lot of people have been asking about my skin care routine on my previous make up tutorial so I decided to do a really quick one.

To be honest, my skin care routine is really really simple, the only fancy thing is this cleansing brush from Clinique. The Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush is gentle yet reacts greatly to the skin. It doesn’t cause wrinkles and my skin feels smooth to the touch after every usage. You can watch my vlog below to see how gentle it is.

I didn't know about the rave surrounding this cleansing brush until I got my hands on it. This really made me feel like I've wasted my life hand washing for nothing. I mean hand washing is more like cleansing the surface but there are areas on our face that our hands couldn't reach. This Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush does the magic. I can see my skin literally glows and brightens almost immediately after I have washed my face with the cleansing brush. I'm not exaggerating but I'm really amazed by how it works!

I noticed one of the biggest difference after using this brush is that I have reduced the need for painful extraction because my face is cleansed thoroughly. It is recommended that you start off with just 30 seconds once a day and then prepare your skin to be able to use the product twice a day - like how I am using it.

Sleek design, just fits perfectly on the palms. 

Comes with a cap to cover the brush.

The Cleansing Brush comes in two different bristles

I really love that this cleansing brush has two coloured bristles which target different areas of the face. The white bristles are effective in helping me cleanse my cheeks area. It’s gentle and perfect for sweeping away dulling flakes on my skin. This is as thorough as it gets!

The green bristles on the other hand is angled to specifically target hard-to-reach areas like the inner corners of my nose which can be quite difficult to cleanse thoroughly with my bare hands. But with the help of the green bristles, I’m able to cleanse all these nooks and crannies of my face effectively.

One charge can lasts up to 72hours!

If in your normal skin care routine you didn't do your cleansing right, you're actually wasting your other skincare products. When your face is thoroughly cleansed, it can then absorb the rest of the skin care products better. I’ve also noticed there are fewer residues after washing my face, especially when I try wiping off dirt with my toner after cleansing.

Left: Cleansing my face without the Cleansing Brush. Right: Cleansing with the Clinique Sonic Brush. Dirt residues are less noticeable after face cleansing.

Btw, you don't even need to scrub weekly with this gentle daily exfoliation. Saves you all the time and hassle!

Frankly, it's a really great product & worth investing in as it comes with a 2 years limited warranty. The unit consists of the Cleansing Brush retailing at RM350 (USB variant) while the brush head is at RM93 per unit.

I'm definitely gonna buy it for my mom as an early Xmas pressie. Afterall, great things are meant to be shared, right?

That being said, I’ll be having a Meet and Greet session in collaboration with Clinique on 13th Dec 2014 and only 5 lucky winners along with a friend will be chosen to attend and win exclusive Clinique door gifts. Just answer this question: The Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush comes with two coloured bristles, namely….

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Can't get enough of Shanghai.

I miss Shanghai. I realized that I have a thing for night scenery, especially city nights, where the city lights are on. I don't remember how beautiful Shanghai was back then when I first visited, prolly 10 years ago, and I'm so so so glad that I get to travel to Shanghai again.

I bet you guys already watched the Travel vlog I posted days ago (I don't know how to balance my time for recording and taking pictures but I tried my best), so here's some pictures taken during my Shanghai trip :

The first night in Shanghai, we had dinner at one of the Best French Cuisine in Shanghai, Mr & Mrs Bund. All thanks to Rachel from H&M for arranging this dinner, the restaurant place is so beautiful, facing the bund.

Tomato Salad. 

Beef Carpaccio Venise.

Duck Confit with Foie Gras & Ceps is the bomb.

Strawberry Triffle.
 Okay I looks like a fish bowl but it's actually very pretty in real! Just not photogenic enough lol.

Second day was all about Alexander Wang!
On our way to Hotel Penisula, the buildings around the bund are so beautiful. 

We (with medias from HK & Philippines ) had a 15 minutes talk with Alexander Wang about the collection. I'm so glad to meet him in person and I am totally amazed by his energetic character. 
If you want to read about the interview, click here

 On the same day, we had Yun Nan food for Lunch @ Lost Heaven. So much yummy in my tummy!

Finally, the night has come, came all the way from KL to Shanghai just for this one special night, for Alexander Wang X H&M party in Shanghai. Also heard this is the first time H&M celebrates their collaborations in Asia. I am more then glad to attend this event. AND I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW 2NE1 WAS GOING TO APPEAR until I saw my followers comments on my instagram. #successbaby.jpg

but first, let me take a selfie... (okay this song ada outdated.)

Oh! Random one. We had king crab before the event. So we literally smelled like crab after that lolollll. (inside joke)

Hat : H&M  
Leather Jacket : Zara
Dress : Joe Chia for Her
Shoes : Lonely Dream
Bag : Proenza Schouler PS11

I think I was busy taking videos, I did not have much pictures for the party...

Lucky us! We get to buy the collection at the pop up store they have, but only 5 pieces each :( Actually fair enough lah, people in KL started to queue 2 days before (and I know who started it HAHAHAHAHA)

Okay, I don't know how my hairband looks like, but there's people who thought I was wearing hijab. I am not pissed that they thought I was wearing hijab but I am pissed that why are these people being so stereotype about hijabs. Please put some respect.

Okay, end it with a selfie. heh. Good night!