Thursday, April 24, 2014

花見days in Japan

Oh Japan, I'm back for more than a week but I still miss those cherry blossom days! I am so so so glad that we are lucky enough to pick the right time to go Japan where the cherry blossom blooms. I'm not sure whether I mention about me having a thing with Sakura (cherry blossom) since young. It's one of my dream to see them in real, like a place full of sakura. I think it's when I first watched anime and they always has this cherry blossom season where the couple fall in love or something like that. It's so romantic! I would love to die in a pool of sakura *touch wood*

Before booking our flights to Tokyo, I am so scared that we will miss the cherry blossom so I did like tons of research. Due to our earth is no longer the healthy earth, weather is so unpredictable and so it's almost impossible to predict the real timing for a full bloom. After my calculation, I think I did quite a great job for estimating (just that I didn't know it was a holiday for my disneysea :/). The cherry blossom starts to fall of and turn green just 2 days before we go back. We are so so so lucky. 

That period of time is more like visit Japan 2014 where my facebook newsfeed is filled with people traveling to japan. Yeap, peak season!We were planning when to do hanami (sakura viewing) cuz unfortunately the weather forecast said it'll rain for a week :(

Me and Ashley had our first hanami with two awesome people we meet in tokyo! Laura (@lawrawr) and Maya (@mayakibbel), we sort of know each other through instagram and it's so amazing to meet them in real! It was a very impromptu hanami cuz we suppose to meet up and have lunch in so.e izakaya in shibuya. The weather is so good and I think it was Laura who suggest we should change our plan and go Yoyogi park for hanami! Brilliant! We went to Family Mart to grab some food and beers and off to Yoyogi. The best spots were all taken so we went to the bench area.
Laura told us that these fruit beers are the best! And yes, it contains 8% alcohol...... 

I remember the first time we saw Laura was the last Japan trip, we saw two girls parking their bikes and Laura look like our friend from the back. Got back and Ashley found Laura's instagram and we sort of followed each other and hope we get to meet someday. I know about Maya was from Jiji (Jilian Kate), I can't believe I haven meet Jiji yet, I guess it'll be extra crazy if Jiji was there!

Maya is so awesome I'm in love with her!

Look at the ground full of sakura. 

The second Hanami was with Ashley and Nana @Ueno Park. Huan (Nana's bf) didn't want to join us cuz he thinks it's a girl thing *picknose*. There's a lot missing pictures for this one loll, will updated the pictures once I get them!

Before we head to Ueno Park, we stopped at Tokyo Station to grab food! Tokyo Station has a lot snacks&sweets, desserts, bento, almost everything that you can feed your tummy. It took us almost an hour to shop for food. wtf. 

Ueno Park was also, effing crowded. It's so hard to find a good spot especially when you're late. I think they can actually reserve the place by placing boxes with names on, I'm not sure about that but it's so hard to get a spot! Luckily we are a small group, we manage to get a spot. It literally rain right when we done placing our matt. SO SAD but it was more like a small rain, thank god it lasted only for less than 10 minutes and it's sunny again!

They actually had Starbucks outside greeting you lololl. Yep, we got some hot mocha!

Truth is.... we bought too much, couldn't even finish them!

Okay, wait for more pictures. lololl.

The last hanami we did was @ Osaka Palace Park, also an impromptu one with a new friend we met, Adeline, she is Huan's classmate and it's nice to have more people for picnic.  The Osaka Palace Park is so so so beautiful we sort of neglected our hanami and we had our photoshoots there lolololl. Nah just joking, we had our picnic and also photoshoots.
FOODDDD. We went to Takashimaya osaka to grab food before we head to the park. 


Okay I got like tons of pictures of me and the sakura but I decided to post only 3 here lololl. I dont want to be so full of myself hahahahhahahahahahhaha wtf. Okay, pictures all taken by Ashley!

Hanami was really fun! How I wish our weather in KL is suitable for picnic. I heard there's a place full of sakura here in Malaysia! Ahhhhhhhh! Can we built this hanami culture here? But I'm afraid someone will snatch our stuff while we're having picnic lol. 

Hope you enjoy this post. LOL (lots of love) haha.

Friday, April 18, 2014

170414 - Love thoughts.

Midnight thoughts strikes again, I just wrote something on my facebook page :

" 不要隨便說愛 愛 這東西是需要時間慢慢發現的
一見鍾情甚麼的 那是你愛上了你腦裡幻想的他 是不真實的
愛 是愛上他的好 同時接受不同版本的他 接受他的不完美 

if it's not one and only, it's not love, it's loneliness. "

This is prolly a longer version of this, in english loll. Anyway I was talking with a friend about love, sort of. 

Well, as I grew up, I sort of thought about Love. Years ago, when I was still in teenange life, I never really think about love. No, not to say I never love, I never regret any of my relationship cuz each relationship grows me. I learn things, I learn that being in a relationship in the end is either breaking up or getting married. I really hope that my future boyfriend could be my husband lololl. 

There's this article I read online, saying that being in too many relationship makes you loose hope in love. I think it's quite true cuz each and every relationships you been in consumes a part of you. It's like each and every time, there's a part of you taken away especially when your relationship fails and you bave to get back up and start over. Eventually you end up sick of being in a relationship.

I'm not a romantic person but I do think that if you want to love someone, you love the greatest of him also, you have to accept that he has flaws. Humans are not perfect but I guess god made us imperfect so we could meet someone who is also imperfect to make sparkles in our life. When I was younger.. (I am still young lolll) I never think about my relationship that much, I just let it go with the flow. Yea, trust me, flow isn't going to work if you don't know how to fall in love to a same person over and over again. Which also explain why I am not ready for a relationship. 

I don't believe in love at first sight. You can't say love to somebody that you THINK that he's the best. That is what you THINK. What you thought love at first sight is actually made by your own mind and it's not real. Maybe part of it is real, but you definitely need to spend time to know this person, not hallucinating yourself about this person you made up. It's tough but be patient for love.

Being 22 is like exploring me, myself. I honestly think that sometimes you have to be alone, to explore the real you. What you really want for life. I don't want to rush for love, I believe when time comes, love strikes me and hey, this is the guy I really want to be with. One and only.

Ending this post with a super romantic song... hehe

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hello again, Tokyo Disneysea!

ただいま I'm back! I've been thinking what should I blog about first when I come back from Japan, there's so many to blog about but also there's tons of useless photos lolll. I think I took almost a thousand photos of cherry blossom but not a single one on today's post. heh. 

Today is my second visit to Tokyo Disneysea! If you have read my first Tokyo Disneysea visit last year you can read it here. I personally think that my first visit was a lot better than this.

This second visit is more like a Disneysea sight seeing day, we did not manage to get on any ride, cuz we didnt know IT WAS SCHOOL HOLIDAY. The average queueing time for each park/game is about 2 hours. Even getting into the Duffy store takes 2 hours. I mean WHO THE HELL QUE TO GET INTO A DUFFY STORE?!?!?!?! I mean if it was a 20 minutes queue I prolly still okay to queue but it's like 2 hours??? The crowd that day was madness, you can't even tell what are these people queueing up for until you walk for 10 minutes and snap, they're queueing to get into a duffy store/restaurant/game/etc.  So if you ever want to visit Tokyo Disneysea or Disneyland, MAKE SURE IT'S NOT A HOLIDAY.

I thought I took a lot of pictures but apparently most of them are useless cuz there's too many people photo bombing :( Btw, I got a new camera if you're wondering! It's a Canon 100d and yes, all these pictures are taken by my new cam, also edited through vscocam.

Super cute disney vending machine once you get off from the train. Japanese are so good at marketing lolol. 

TOWER OF TERROR! I was so excited to take this ride since the day we decided to go Tokyo Disneysea until I saw the waiting time... frigging 3 hours queeeuuuueee@$!#)!@(#!SFK!@!!! 看見花兒也謝了so拜拜 ain't nobody got time for that.  Also blame that we went quite late that day (around 12pm I think) so the fast pass was all gone.

Polkadots X Jeans X Airmax90
 Somehow we brought matching outfits so we wore it to Disneysea! Ashely didn't want to wear same same :(

 Trust me, this is like one of the 109323 shots taken in the same spot.

so here another bonus pic. Credits to Ashley hahahhha.

 Yes, you need to queue for this, BUT IT'S WORTH THE QUE CUZ IS SO SO SO GOOD!!! 
I mean theme park food or nibbles like that usually look good but taste ugh, I even expected it will taste crappy but this was surprisingly yummy . I think it's called mochi, it's ice cream inside.

yea, the point is you can see people queueing at the backgroung...

 The story behind this photo is the weather gets so cold, all I was thinking about is getting a heatech from Uniqlo.

 people.... people everywhere...

 I didn't know about every popcorns stalls in Disneysea sells different flavors of popcorn until that day. This one is near the duffy area where they sells Milk Tea popcorn!!!!

 Yeap, milk tea taste a lil bit too sweet for me. Hope someday I get to try the other flavors too!

Unfortunately we didn't stay until the fireworks that night cuz IT WAS TOO COLD. I felt a lil bit sad cuz I didn't catch the fireworks on my last visit too :( Well, now I think I have an excuse to go Disneysea again.....

Tips or whatever it is :
2.  GO EARLY AND GRAB ALL THE FAST PASS TO AVOID QUEUE (no you still have to queue but not as long as the normal queue )
3.  TRY DIFF FLAVORS POPCORNS and tell me which is the best lolololl..
4.  THEY LAUNCH DIFFERENT DUFFY EACH SEASON so try to get one when you can!
5.  Tokyo Station => Maihama Station => Disney

Okay, time to edit the rest of the Japan trip pictures! Stay tuned!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

KOKOkim X Isetan

Blogging all the way from Japan now! The weather here is really cold, about 13 degrees ( consider cold for Malaysian I guess...) I didn't really plan my everyday outfit for this Japan trip, and I think I'm running out of clothes to wear! Anyway, this whole japan trip is all for the sakura! One of biggest dream and I can't believe after all these years I'm finally here *tears of joy*

Imagine walking on this street everyday. Yes, I walk by this street everyday to the apartment I'm staying! Glad that I'm here at the right moment where the cherry blossom blooms ❤️ Okay don't be jealous cuz you can feel the Japanese vibes happening in KL too!

Isetan is having Japan Fair 2014 now and it's ending soon! Honestly you can really feel like you're in Japan especially the Japan Food Fair...

Also, if you love Japanese Harajuku fashion, you should head up to the women's wear floor and check out KOKOkim booth! 

KOKOkim is own by Japanese famous blogger/model Kimura U and she just had here fashion line debut last month on March 21st! She is the creator of MoeHara style where it's the mixture of Akihabara & Harajuku, a brand new fashion category! You can read more about Kimura U at

FYI, Kimura U is ofificially appointed by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs as " Kawaii Ambassador" to represent the pop cultures of Japan to the world! 

Oh ya! If you happen to visit KOKOkim booth, don't forget to mention my name "janechuck" or chuckei to receive a free LIZ LISA eyelashes without purchase is fine! Of course, only 30 pairs available, first come first serve so better be the first 30 visitors!

Hope there will be more Japanese fashion brands coming into Isetan Malaysia! I'm glad that they started bringing in and introduce different Japanese fashion brands to the Malaysian! Can't wait to blog about Japan soon!!! Sending love from Japan, xxxxx.

More about Isetan Japan fair :