Thursday, October 16, 2014

My contact lenses.

One thing I can't live without is my contact lenses. I've been wearing them since 13 and its already been 9 years (still counting). In these 9 years, I've tried various brands of contact lens, from the ones sold in optical shops and the ones from the internet. I sort of ditched the ones from optical shops cuz I think the one sold on internet has more choices but now, I don't wear those sold online or outside optical shops anymore cuz I think that those unauthorized ones are actually very dangerous. What if one day something happen to my eye and the online shop went dissapear. I know I sound a little contradicting cuz I once model for some online contact lens shop few years back, luckily there was no problem with the lenses but still, it's better to be safe than sorry.

Anyway, there's a lot people asking me what brand I'm using now on my instagram. The past month I was introduced with a new color lens series, Lacelle by Bausch + Lomb. Yes, Bausch + Lomb is famous for their super breathable lenses so I'm really glad they have this series launched!

Lacelle comes in two series : 
Limbal series, comes in modest black and tender brown.
Color series, available in jubilee violet, sparkling brown and frozen grey.

My favourtie ones goes to Tender Brown and Sparkling Brown.
Tender brown that I wear it daily, very natural. Looks good with light make up too!

Sparkling brown! I think with this lens you can actually ditch the make up part lol. It's really beautiful!

Also tried on Jubilee Voilet, suitable for special occasions and parties.

All Lacelle lens are made with unique lace pattern enhance your eyes beautifully, with comfort. I love how they mataches my everyday look as I want my eyes to look fashionable as what I wore too, heh.

More info, go to

Sunday, October 12, 2014

My Everyday Makeup.


My everyday make up is actually pretty simple, very light and natural. I don't like applying a lotsa stuff on my face (tho it's already a lot of stuff there) and I always think that I wanna least diff after I remove my make up lololl. Well, this is not a very proper make up tutorial but this is really how I do my make up everyday.

To be honest, I was planning to dub on my make up tutorial videos but I think my voice sorta ruined it so lets stick it the way like this lolll. Hopefully you get what I'm doing and I'll try my best to improve my video filming & editing skills. Hehe! More videos to come soon!

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Products :

Jill Stuart Lasting Tint Control Base (01 Fresh)
NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer (Custard)
Jill Stuart CC Cream
Marc Jacobs Gel Foundation (Beige Light)
Cyber Colors Eyebrow Pen 05 Dark Brown
NARS Shimmer Eyeshadow (Nepal) & Duo Eyeshadow (Isolde)
Kate Mascara Base Gel (Black)
(Sorry I couldn't find the brand for the Mascara & Eyeliner,got it from japan)
NARS Blusher (Final Cut)
Laneige Water Drop Tint (Scarlet Red)

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Life robbers.

This post is sort of inspired by one of my fav song by The 1975 -- "Robbers". I'm not sure if the song is really what I had in mind, but for me, I think this song is about people nowadays are like robbers. No, not robbing someone's goods or money but life. 

When I was young, my mom used to advice me not to get into a relationship in such young age. I never really take it as a big deal until I broke up and stayed single until now (tho I'm seeing someone). This is not a post about How Single People Rocks but it's more like a wake up call to couples nowadays, at least what I think now. (I'm ain't no Love Guru, I could be right or wrong)

1. Are you robbing your partner's life?
The one who robs is mostly the insecure one. They don't understand why sometimes their bf/gf need some me-time. They don't understand why are they not in the picture. This happens when overly attached couples suddenly wants to go out alone. I know it's sweet to have your bf/gf around you everytime but honestly, don't you think it's normal to have your own friends, your own life? Couples neglect this a lot. Never, never, forget about your self-own life.

2. Never hold someone back.
If you're dating someone who does not give encouragement but only hold you back, you should really leave him/her. We need someone who give us supports, give us encouragements but not those who tell you words that bring you down or pluck on your flaws. We struggle to kill those negativity in our mind, we do not need more.

3. Don't forget about yourself. 
Yes, it's really sweet to think about your partner but some people lose a lot of opportunities cuz they think their partner doesn't like it. Yes, like I said, the insecure ones are mostly afraid that their partner will become greater and then leave them. This is legit case happening in some relationship and also, the biggest bullshit I ever heard. I believe if you love someone, you want him to be greater and if he loves you, he will never leave. Don't stop someone from chasing their dreams and don't stop chasing your dreams for someone.

4. Don't give promises easily / Don't believe in promises. 
Sometimes when people try to comfort someone, people tend to give empty promises. Some people say things they can't do but just to let you feel better for awhile. Always have this mindset that never believe in promises easily cuz they are just words. Take in real actions, not words.

 5. Happiness is always on your hands, not him/her. 
Always be happy for yourself not because someone makes you happy. Of course you want to be with someone who makes you happy but do not forget about building your own happiness ie, achieving your dreams. You can't expect someone to give you happiness forever, they give in, they can take it away but always have in mind that nobody can take away what you build, your own happiness :)

 Lastly, ending this with "Robbers" - The !975

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I regret, but I'm better than that.

Some best things happens in your life are mistakes, have you thought of it? 

Everyone made mistakes, made the wrong choices, and feel regretful about it but whining about how wrong you were won't bring you any further but forgiving and accepting does.Sometimes I don't understand why some people can blame themselves so much when they can actually do better by stop wasting time on the mistake they have done.  

If you are in a situation where you think your world is doomed cuz you made a wrong choice, I wanna give you a word, Congratulations; cuz you know what you did wrong. Realizing your mistakes is one of the hardest thing that some people couldn't do, some people don't even know what are they doing/thinking. But taking the next step is up to you. 

Three options : to whine about it, to continue doing wrong or you can make a change. 

Option 1 & 2 is basically a waste of time so in the end, you need to make a change. "Thinking" about making a change does not do the magic, but taking "actions" do.
Yes, it is really hard to do something you've never done, the fear you have, the doubts, but your imaginations are just killing you from being someone better, you have no idea what you can do until you push your limits. Little by little, you'll become a better person.

When you ask me do I regret anything about my life now? Yes, and the only regrets I have was not taking chances when I could. This thought me to seize as much opportunities as I can even I'm not sure I if can do it. I could succeed or I could fail, but I will never know if I just sit there and think about it. Opportunity don't wait so you shouldn't waste your time too. 

The only failures are people who don't realize their mistakes, so what are you thinking?

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

5 Minute Make - Midnight Elegance X RMK

 RMK new launched Autumn Winter 2014 Collection - “Power Of Love” in combination with one matte and one shinning touch, simply out of elegance that allows women to express their mood and inner beauty. Just like the power of love.

Receiving this lovely range of RMK just made September even greater, it's like they know my birthday (tho its over)! I am in love with this range!

Here are the products code and color I used in this video :

Honestly, it's quite a challenge trying on new eye colors out from my usual brown, I'm really glad how it turns out unexpectedly pretty! Sticking to the natural look, with elegence. Simply love the blend with matte and shinny touch. (Personally in love with the RMK Matte Shiny Cheeks, I'm planning to get the other colors!!!!! )

RMK is available at Parkson Pavilion, Isetan KLCC and Isetan The Gardens. 
Btw, good news for you all! Flash this blogpost to the counters and have a complimentary mini AW'14 makeover and receive creamy foundation samples. Valid until 17th October.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Straight like that.

Sleek straight hair is one of the most effortless fashionable hairstyle you can ever achieve. It brings out the edge and attitude easily which explains why pin straight hair is one of the favourite hair style for fashion week. It goes really well with nude or statement make up, my favourite will be straight hair, red lips.

I personally think that girls with perfect straight hair has really strong personality, they look confident, cool and fashionable. Honestly, I have natural-born straight hair but my hair gets very frizzy after all the chemicals I did. My hair is really dry hence once it touches the water, it gets tangled easily and I hate it how after I blow dry my hair, my hair looks like a broom, especially the hair ends.

Well, recently I get to try the new Sunsilk range – Sunsilk Perfect Straight shampoo and Sunsilk Perfect Straight Conditioner. Co-created with Yuko Yamashita, the straight hair expert from Tokyo, perfectly made for people who would like to have beautifully straight hair.

 The formulation contains straight hair technology™ that keeps your hair beautifully straight and aligned as it dries.

Best thing is.... you can finally throw all your crazy ideas to get a perfect straight hair...

So if you are trying to achieve the perfect straight hair, all you need to do is...
Change your shampoo to Sunsilk Perfect Straight hair shampoo heh.

The scent of the shampoo is really good too!

I love how their conditioner comes in a tube.

Leave it on wet hair for a minute and rinse. I personally use it more on the ends cuz mine is really frizzy!

Blow it dry (personally dont advice to blow dry your hair in high temperature) and see how it its beautifully straight. Behold....
My perfect straight hair.

Complete it with my outfit of the day :
Top – Topshop
Bottom & Body Chain – H&M
Bag – Alexander Wang
Bracelet - Balenciaga

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Open Your City

I'm not an at-home type of person, I love going out and getting inspired by people, music, and the environment, which explains why I'm definitely a city girl. My biggest dream could possibly be travelling to cities around the world.

Okay, maybe I should start with the six cities that made it on to Heineken's new limited edition bottles, London, New York, Shanghai, Berlin, Amsterdam and our very own Kuala Lumpur (okay so it's 5 more to go)!

I'm pretty proud to be a kay-elle girl cuz I think Kuala Lumpur is one of the most beautiful cities in the world! Especially the Twin-Towers, thank god we “planted” it there before any other city thought about it lol. I'm serious!

Kuala Lumpur is amazing. There's plenty of “hidden gems” around this city to be discovered! If you follow my instagram, you can see that I've been hunting for new food places or hide-out cafes, I really need to credit Heineken for the “Open Your City” campaign for some of the “hidden gems”. If you're wondering how it works, it's actually pretty simple.

Just go to and enable your location service in your device, then you'll see these buttons popping around the streets.

Please don't tell me KL is boring unless you've been to every single spot.

Another quick life hack to know the latest cool place in town is to go twitter and tweet @wherenext and your location to get instant updates about events and parties happening in town.

For more information on Heineken’s Cities campaign or to locate new gems to explore in your city be sure to check out.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

20 Facts about ME.

Seems like "20 facts about Me." is trending in instagram and I've been tagged in idk more than 20 people so I decided to blog about it instead! I think most people thought they know me but honestly, everything on the internet about me is the part where I show you and there's things I keep it low, I mean the internet is dangerous! I hope people should learn not to judge a person on what they show on the internet.

20 Facts About Me :

1. I have two tattoos, got one when I was 18 written "peace" on my right pelvic and another one is a bff tattoo, got it recently with Daphne, written "blessed." at my left ribs near my boobs loll.

2. I love sneakers more than heels. Thank god that my feet is big enough to wear men's shoes.

3. To me, guys who wears a nice pair of shoes makes a big impression.

4. I can not stand people who put their chopsticks into their bowl. I just can't. I will just pick it up and put it on the bowl. (not sure if you understands but it's a chinese thing)

5. Fashion & music plays a big role in my life.

6. I love Chuck Bass.

7. My surname is Lau. The "chuck" behind my Jane it's because of Chuckei and Chuck Bass and it sounds like 7 in Cantonese.

8. I hate it when I see cartoons on tv with their dubbed alternate language voice. I just can't.

9. I love reading inspirational articles or quotes. Which explains why I sleep so late every night.

10. If i ever get proposed, I will never want a big one, like those you see trending on facebook. NEVER. Best is when there's only two of us. Hope my future boyfriend sees this so he won't f*ck things up lololll.

11. I love cuddling. I miss cuddling.

12. Believes in karma. Always do good and good will come to you *ohmmm*

13. I regret doing the Gwiyomi thing. 

14. I just started getting use to the taste of vegetables, I used to hate them but now I can actually eat the vegetables in my sandwhich lolololll.

15. Happy being single but I wish I could get married before 28.

16. Love conversations about life, love being inspired and being inspirtational.


18. Don't really cry, I think the last time I cried was my break up in May. I think I cry less than 5 times in a year.

19. Owns a stubborn heart.

20. Okay I like my left face more than my right.

I finally made it! It took me an hour to think 20 facts about me omg. I think there's more about me but I don't know how to put it in words. haha. Okay 21. should be bad in describing stuff. haha.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

How to rock your first job interview.

Hi guys! It's been awhile! If you realize, I've been collaborating with Libresse for years and still counting, and I'm here to talk a lil bit about my recent project with Libresse!

I'm now 22 and I bet most of you who reads my blog since the day I started are have no graduated from college. I remember blogging about school and things like that and now slowly, I'm an adult. It's like you know you are out of the whole teenager phase when you step into your first job interview.

I'm not sure about you but I remember I failed my first job interview and another few after that lolll. I didn't take it seriously. I didn't know there is so much to prep for job interviews and all I knew was to dress presentable loll. Apparently there's more to do and check before going to an interview. It's really important how you make the first impression to the company, either they buy it or they hate it.

Of course, you have to act differently when you interview for different types of job but having the cheerful and positive mindset is a big plus to most companies. I think no one wants to hire a sad person. Confidence is the point!

Anyway, if you have no idea why you failed your interviews, you can check out “Hello, Confidence” by Libresse. It's a site where you can learn how to prep for your job interviews. First things first, learn how to dress for your interview. You can also learn about hair and make-up tutorial by Cheeserland, and other helpful videos on this page.

You can also upload your outfit and get rated to see which is a go-go and which is a no-go.

Next, after you get your perfect outfit, there's some great tips for you before facing your first job interview.

So much to learn!!!

First you can check out their checklist to see what you need to prepare for your job interview. I think one of the most important things to have is a list of questions that you could ask about my job or the company. This leaves a good impression on yourself as you’ll look prepared and highly interested in the particular job. Also, you’ll get to understand the company more and consider further if it’s the right job for you.

You can also take a look at interview Do’s and Don’ts and try to avoid as many Don’ts as possible! Sometimes even the smallest thing can leave a very bad impression on yourself. For example, it’s always a must to be at the interview at least 10 minutes earlier. Being on time is fine, but being late even for 5 minutes is a no-no lolll you don’t want to give the interviewer the impression that you’re not a punctual person.

Do check out the FAQs for answers to common questions asked during interviews. For example, don’t most of us want to know if we should follow up on the interview cos that would make us look desperate? You can find out the answer here loll and remember to read the other FAQs too.

You can also learn how to rock your interview by keeping the conversation going. I think it's important to own the conversation and keep things hyped. It's really bad when your interview is boring and awkward. Which happened to me on my first interview when my anxiety kicked in and all I wanted was to do end the interview quickly :/

The part where I hated the most was when the interviewer asked “Tell me about yourself.. ”. My mind literally went blank cuz I have 0 confidence about myself. I have no idea what's good about me. I gave an awkward smile and it's a very bad closure for my interview. So if you're wondering how to react, go on to the site to see how people rocked their pitch about themselves. I basically think the key point is to sound confident but not full of yourself. Keep it real.

Don't forget to pitch your idea with Shine On too! Learn more about boosting your confidence and nailing your job interivew here :

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

2 Step Synergy Effect Mask

 If you follow my blog long enough, you should know that I love skin care products cuz I believe that good skin is always better than make up coverage. I love trying on new skin care products so my whole room is full with never ending brands of products lol. Well, today is going to be another skin care sharing post and this is one of the best product I ever shared on my blog!

Basically they have four types, Moisturizing, Pore Cleansing, Whitening and Anti-wrinkle. I've tried the Whitening one so it's not in the picture above lololll. I've actually seen it featured on a few bloggers blog and I always wanted to try this! It's from a very famous Korea Cosmetic Surgery Hospital and I'm glad now we can get it from Hermo (yes, selling excusively online with hermo only)

It's all in korean so yea... but I have to say that I love the whole packaging quality (you know some products has very cin-cai pakaging and you don't feel like buying it but this one is like so medical-ish you can feel it's a good product already by it's packaging.)

Eventho it's in korean, I think no one is dumb enough to not understand step one and step two loll. It's a two piece mask, just tear it of and put on je lah.
One is for the upper part of your face

Another one comes with ear hooks. To tighten our double chin!

You know you're doing it right when you look like you're having plastic surgery lolololll.

After 20 minutes, dont need to whipe off, just massage the excess and let it absorb into your face. I love how they absorb really quickly, I actually used the excess in the pack on my body, haha don't waste it! After you'll done with everything, you willl feel the amazing-ness of this mask physically and mentally. You can feel your face is lifted and tighten! ONE OF THE BEST MASK I EVER USED IN MY LIFE (so far).

Anyway, you can only get it exclusively online on with a price of RM82.50/5pcs or RM17.90/pcs. Personally thinks that you should just get the 5pcs pack with different maks. You'll love it! 

If you are from Singapore , please go to their Singapore site >