A day in Madrid

Monday, August 29, 2016

When I knew I was going to Madrid, I didn’t have a clue what Madrid would be like and what I should expect. Norman (editor of Buro 24/7 Singapore), my partner-in-crime on the trip had  been there years ago and he told me that the vibe in Madrid is completely different compared to Barcelona. Believe it or not, I could feel the difference as soon as I touched down in Madrid. Both of them are Spain’s biggest cities, but I personally think that Madrid allows you to get to the heart of Spanish cultural essence because people from all around Spain tend to gather there  compared to Barcelona, which attracts tourists from around the world.

Las Rozas Village

Las Rozas Village is smaller compared to La Roca in Barcelona but the shops they have there definitely compete. Las Rozas Village has the key brands I wanted to shop, like Gucci, Loewe, Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Missoni, Bulgari and many more. For me personally, they had more selection of what I like even though the stores were smaller. The layout of the village was very spacious and like La Roca definitely didn’t feel like an outlet.

Maybe it was the heatwave, but the shopping village was less crowded that day and I tend to shop more in relaxed, less busy places.  I always prefer shopping on weekdays too. A good sign of any destination is that it’s popular with the locals and Las Rozas was full of locals compared to tourists in Barcelona.

The terrace is to die for! It’s a great spot to hang out even if you’re not shopping.

I was looking for a pair of new shades and I found a lot of good deals. I ended up getting a pair of Dior’s for about 200 euros.

Lunch at a beautiful cafe inside the village.

Here’s what I got for less than 1k euros. A Loewe clutch & coin pouch, Bulgari bracelet and Dior sunglasses.

Chocolateria San Gines

I’m so glad we made it to the infamous Chocolateria San Gines in Central Madrid. This cafe is one of the oldest, operated since 1894 and it’s super famous for their chocolate con churros. Locals come here for supper as they’re open 24/7, super cool right! How I wish we had a chocolate supper place in KL too. I can tell they’re a must visit place from the photowall they have inside featuring their most famous visitors of all time.

Address: Pasadizo San Ginés, 5, 28013 Madrid, Spain

Mistura Ice Cream & Coffee

I remember we were craving some good ice cream to beat the heat. We made a few stops just to find good ice cream and we actually found one near Centro de Turismo Plaza Mayor. After google-ing it, it’s apparently one of the best handmade ice creams you can get in Madrid.

I tried the Pistachio flavour. Totally regret not ordering the double scoop lol.

Address : Calle Ciudad Rodrigo 6, 28012 Madrid, Spain

Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza


The Thyssen is one of the most extraordinary private collections of predominantly European art in the world. Featuring 1,600 private collections, you can really learn so much about how art and fashion evolved over the years. Unfortunately we had only an hour and a half to spend there, but we had a lot of fun learning about the paintings. Very interesting stories for each and every painting.

Address : Paseo del Prado, 8, Madrid, Spain

Restaurante Ramon Frexia Madrid
One of Madrid’s finest, awarded two Michelin Stars. Their dishes are so well designed, from the looks to the taste. We had a really great time enjoying them. Also tons of snapchat worthy moments.

Address: Calle de Claudio Coello, 67, 28001 Madrid, Spain

Madrid’s iconic buildings
Catedral de Santa María la Real de la Almudena

Royal Palace of Madrid

La Plaza Mayor

Cybele Palace

Casa De La Villa

La Grand Via

Hotel Villa Magna


I loved the reflective TV in the room and the white marble furnished toilet. This hotel is located in Madrid’s most fashionable street, Salamanca, where you can find all the high end brands around the corner. I literally spent the last hour in the Gucci flagship nearby ( 2 minutes walk ) before heading to the airport.

Address: Paseo de la Castellana, 22, 28046 Madrid, Spain

I would love to thank Chic Outlet Shopping for having me and hosting me with the best itinerary I could ever ask for! Hope you enjoy this post! Till then!

I love Stranger Things!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Finally got the time to watch Stranger Things, a netflix series that literally almost everyone is talking about on the internet. I used to love watching tv series but as I grow up I don't really have time to spend on them, I only get to catch them on a long haul flight. Like how I watched Gotham season one and two on board for the pass few trips. Didn't completely finish them cuz there's some episodes that are missing and I didn't bother watching it when I back ( but Gotham is good, I love Bruce Wayne, batman when he was little. )

Okay so I finished Stranger Things in two nights with ash. Only 8 episodes for season one AND WE ARE GONE. Why did we even started it when we know season two is not out yet lol.I didn't really know what it is about before watching it, I was thinking Heroes/Fringe kinda genre but Stranger Things is something else. Sci-fi and Horror/Thrill I guess. Here's a few things I love about Stranger Thing :

1. Soundtrack.
Stranger Things happens in the 80's so the music they pick are pretty nostalgic. 
This track : "Should I Stay or Shoul I Go" by The Clash says it all. 

2. Mood/Feel
Little things from the christmas lights at Will's house to the convertible cars, and also, the little romantic friendship scenes. 

3. Cast Cast Cast!
Everyone played their role so well! 

Jonathan Byres is hot to be exact lol. 

Also kudos to Millie Bobby Brown who plays Eleven, that shaved her head for the show. Not every 12 year old girl willing to do that tho. 

Okay, now go watch Stranger Things! 

Someplace Beautiful

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I'm not sure if I'll get more inspired to blog more after changing the layout, but lets just try. I mean I don't even know if people actually read my blog anymore, as you know you can already tell what's going on with my life through snapchat ( id: janechuck916 just incase you haven added me yet lol. ) I was thinking maybe I'll just put on those extra pictures taken on my blog, I just didn't want to be spammy on ig and I didn't want to waste them so yep, posting it here might be a solution.

Can you actually believe I've been blogging for almost 10 years by now. 10 freaking years. You, those who actually followed me from jugem/wu ming > blogger > instagram > snapchat , you guys are awesome. So sorry that I don't blog that often right now but trust me, I always remember your existence! Thank you for growing up with me and I hope you all are doing fine! * hugs hugs hugs *

Anyway, here's some random pictures taken at Someplace Beautiful. Did a lil tasting today with sifu Joey for his amazing softserves and teas. Opening tmrw at D7 Sentul beside Three Little Birds from 11am-7pm.

I love cats but I don't think I can actually own one...  

yep, that Trasher tee, gonna keep it for sometime lol.

Yes being twinnies with ashley. 


Friday, August 5, 2016


Courtesy of Chic Outlet Shopping, I flew the way to Spain from KL to check out their shopping villages! To be honest, I’ve never been to any shopping outlets in Europe and I am so amazed! La Roca Village pretty much sets the bar high  as I never expected a shopping outlet to be so pretty. It didn’t feel like an outlet at all because each brand is housed in an actual boutique. I haven’t even mentioned that they have 130 brands  ( including Gucci, Loewe, Bulgari, Burberry, Missoni and many more ) in one stretch. You wouldn’t even know you’ve walked 1km from front to the back, shopping and burning calories! Btw, they offer shopping helper services , which means you don’t have to carry your own shopping bags around, all you do is to keep a number, let them know when you’re leaving, and where to pass your bags. You can always check their website for more info!

If you’re planning to visit before 16th of August, don’t forget to check out their Barcelona Designers Collective Pop-up boutique. More than 60 local designers can be discovered in this project. From fashion designs to homeware designs, I was very honoured to meet some of them and they are all so so so down to earth. Designer Pau Esteve even made me a skirt! HOW COOL IS THAT! I’ll promise to show you a picture when I wear them KLFW maybe?

This year, they included gastronomy a part of this creative project. Inspired by the designers, they got a team of young chefs from L’Escola to create a selection of tapas, that is available right inside the bar at the pop-up boutique. YOU MUST TRY THEM IF YOU GET TO VISIT. They literally brought the definition of tapas to another level. Beautiful in the outside, full of surprise in every bite.

Recommended ways to get there :
- shopping express coach service ( click to book )
- by car,  40 minutes away from Barcelona,
La Roca Village, s/n
08430 Santa Agnès de Malanyanes (La Roca del Vallès)
Barcelona, España

We were invited to join team La Roca Village for a fine dinner at this 2** Michelin, ABaC restaurant by Chef Jordi Cruz. I have to say every single course is an art and you couldn't expect what to taste! We also had a lipstick make out of sorbet, and there goes everyone with their snapchat game on. Oh, I have to mention that their plates are also art pieces, so well made.

Address: Av. del Tibidabo, 1, 08022 Barcelona, Spain


The unfinished church built since 1882 and still counting, masterpeice by Antonio Gaudi. The building look crazy beautiful especially when you realise the materials and designs used across decades of building it. I didn’t get to tour inside but I’ll definitely go back someday!

Address: Carrer de Mallorca, 401, 08013 Barcelona, Spain

Thanks to Francesca, our hipster tour guide who brought us to some of Barceclona’s hidden places. The Gothic Quarter stretches from La Rambla to Via Laietana, featuring really gothic & narrow lanes. You’ll get to find cafes, restaurants and bars along the street. You’ll find the Barcelona Cathedral and Plaza de Sant Felip Neri ( click to read about the tragedy happens in Plaza de Sant Felip Neri )


4 bars and 4 restaurants in one space. Opened just two years ago in 2014, being the first multi space restaurant in Barcelona. Trust me, this place is so well designed, you want to come back and visit all the bars & restaurants inside. I personally think that this place is good for photos, could even imagine that Chanel would love to do a fashion show here lol. Right, Karl?

Address: Passeig de Gràcia, 24 Bis, 08007 Barcelona, Spain

Couldn't be more happier with the hotel they booked. Located nearby La Sagrada Familia ( which I didn't know until the next day when we passed-by ) and it's pretty central I guess. The first thing caught my eye was the furniture and art pieces they have in the lobby, then the elevator that sees through the hotel. The morning was even better, breakfast buffet was served at the terrace on the highest floor where you get to see the view! AMAZEBALLS. Kudos to Emilia!

Address: Carrer de Pau Claris, 150, 08009 Barcelona, Spain