Wednesday, August 20, 2014

How to rock your first job interview.

Hi guys! It's been awhile! If you realize, I've been collaborating with Libresse for years and still counting, and I'm here to talk a lil bit about my recent project with Libresse!

I'm now 22 and I bet most of you who reads my blog since the day I started are have no graduated from college. I remember blogging about school and things like that and now slowly, I'm an adult. It's like you know you are out of the whole teenager phase when you step into your first job interview.

I'm not sure about you but I remember I failed my first job interview and another few after that lolll. I didn't take it seriously. I didn't know there is so much to prep for job interviews and all I knew was to dress presentable loll. Apparently there's more to do and check before going to an interview. It's really important how you make the first impression to the company, either they buy it or they hate it.

Of course, you have to act differently when you interview for different types of job but having the cheerful and positive mindset is a big plus to most companies. I think no one wants to hire a sad person. Confidence is the point!

Anyway, if you have no idea why you failed your interviews, you can check out “Hello, Confidence” by Libresse. It's a site where you can learn how to prep for your job interviews. First things first, learn how to dress for your interview. You can also learn about hair and make-up tutorial by Cheeserland, and other helpful videos on this page.

You can also upload your outfit and get rated to see which is a go-go and which is a no-go.

Next, after you get your perfect outfit, there's some great tips for you before facing your first job interview.

So much to learn!!!

First you can check out their checklist to see what you need to prepare for your job interview. I think one of the most important things to have is a list of questions that you could ask about my job or the company. This leaves a good impression on yourself as you’ll look prepared and highly interested in the particular job. Also, you’ll get to understand the company more and consider further if it’s the right job for you.

You can also take a look at interview Do’s and Don’ts and try to avoid as many Don’ts as possible! Sometimes even the smallest thing can leave a very bad impression on yourself. For example, it’s always a must to be at the interview at least 10 minutes earlier. Being on time is fine, but being late even for 5 minutes is a no-no lolll you don’t want to give the interviewer the impression that you’re not a punctual person.

Do check out the FAQs for answers to common questions asked during interviews. For example, don’t most of us want to know if we should follow up on the interview cos that would make us look desperate? You can find out the answer here loll and remember to read the other FAQs too.

You can also learn how to rock your interview by keeping the conversation going. I think it's important to own the conversation and keep things hyped. It's really bad when your interview is boring and awkward. Which happened to me on my first interview when my anxiety kicked in and all I wanted was to do end the interview quickly :/

The part where I hated the most was when the interviewer asked “Tell me about yourself.. ”. My mind literally went blank cuz I have 0 confidence about myself. I have no idea what's good about me. I gave an awkward smile and it's a very bad closure for my interview. So if you're wondering how to react, go on to the site to see how people rocked their pitch about themselves. I basically think the key point is to sound confident but not full of yourself. Keep it real.

Don't forget to pitch your idea with Shine On too! Learn more about boosting your confidence and nailing your job interivew here :

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

2 Step Synergy Effect Mask

 If you follow my blog long enough, you should know that I love skin care products cuz I believe that good skin is always better than make up coverage. I love trying on new skin care products so my whole room is full with never ending brands of products lol. Well, today is going to be another skin care sharing post and this is one of the best product I ever shared on my blog!

Basically they have four types, Moisturizing, Pore Cleansing, Whitening and Anti-wrinkle. I've tried the Whitening one so it's not in the picture above lololll. I've actually seen it featured on a few bloggers blog and I always wanted to try this! It's from a very famous Korea Cosmetic Surgery Hospital and I'm glad now we can get it from Hermo (yes, selling excusively online with hermo only)

It's all in korean so yea... but I have to say that I love the whole packaging quality (you know some products has very cin-cai pakaging and you don't feel like buying it but this one is like so medical-ish you can feel it's a good product already by it's packaging.)

Eventho it's in korean, I think no one is dumb enough to not understand step one and step two loll. It's a two piece mask, just tear it of and put on je lah.
One is for the upper part of your face

Another one comes with ear hooks. To tighten our double chin!

You know you're doing it right when you look like you're having plastic surgery lolololll.

After 20 minutes, dont need to whipe off, just massage the excess and let it absorb into your face. I love how they absorb really quickly, I actually used the excess in the pack on my body, haha don't waste it! After you'll done with everything, you willl feel the amazing-ness of this mask physically and mentally. You can feel your face is lifted and tighten! ONE OF THE BEST MASK I EVER USED IN MY LIFE (so far).

Anyway, you can only get it exclusively online on with a price of RM82.50/5pcs or RM17.90/pcs. Personally thinks that you should just get the 5pcs pack with different maks. You'll love it! 

If you are from Singapore , please go to their Singapore site >

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Do you even care to say thank you?

(George St. Sydney)

Today I was having sushi dinner with Daphne and heard her saying "thank you" after the waiter served our food. I told her :" Daphne, luckily you are one of those people who says 'thank you' cuz nowadays many people forgets about thanking people." (I felt that I'm really an observer, I love observing people, how they act, their gesture, stuff like that... I think it's a virgo thing..) Well, I am also the type of person who says 'Thank you" a lot. It's a simple word but I think it's actually a very powerful word but most people choose to neglect.

I'm not sure why nowadays people forgot to thank someone. I mean yes, we normally thank someone while we need help and they are there for us. I'm not talking about that, I'm talking about basic manners when we meet people who does services. I found out that there's a lot of people who takes other people for granted cuz they think it's their job to do so. Yes, it's a waiter job to serve you food, it's a salesman job to get you the right size, but when you get your food served, get the right sizes of clothes, do you say "thank you"? I have friends who don't cuz they think it's their job so why thank them? Or they just forget about thanking them.

Honestly, saying "thank you"makes a difference. It takes less than one sec to say "thank you" but it seems like there's a lot of people who doesn't care at all. Which makes me sad sometimes (not like really sad but I feel that people can do better). A simple thank you can make people feels great about their job (at least a lil bit), or maybe they doesn't care if you thank them but I believe saying "thank you" makes you a better person, makes you a person who cares about the society, who has a big heart.

If you have a bad day, try saying "thank you" to someone. Trust me, your day eventually get better after that. I'm not sure why or how, but I think it's when you're having a bad day but thanking someone means you appreciate something, and saying "thank you" gives you positive vibes. I'm not sure if this has to do with science or math, I can't really explain but it works for me.

It's a small matter and I have no idea why am I writing this post about thanking someone but I do hope that if you read this and never realize that you forgot about thanking someone will start saying "thank you". Stay positive, stay blessed.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Shopping with Rakuten!

I have always have a love-hate relationship with online shopping. I hate how sometimes I get conned with the pictures online and getting bad quality products. I guess there's many of you who felt the same way and sometimes you just want to give up online shopping but then, you can't cuz for me, I really love how we can get rare stuff online. That is why I highly recommend reading the reviews by google-ing or sometimes they even have a review section in that site. Which is what I am doing now, making a little contribution so the whole online shopping thing don't go down.

Today I am talking about my experience with Rakuten Malaysia (I bet most of you heard about Rakuten, it's ranked #1 online shopping mall in Japan and now we have it in Malaysia!). I really love how their site is well organized and even their mobile site is neat enough, no bugs or crashes! I mean I really think some online shopping malls need to put some effort on their mobile site cuz people nowadays use mobile phones more than laptop.

Some screenshots taken with my phone (feauturing Toki Choi! Hidden gem in Rakuten Malaysia!)

Talking about Toki Choi, it's a brand from Taiwan where they features different styles into one brand. The great thing about them is the quality! I'm really happy with the things I got from them, great quality with a resonable price.

Here's some stuff I get from them! Top & Bottom!! (except for bag & shoes.)

For those who are finding ripped jeans, you can get nice ripped jeans from them! All sorts of ripped jeans!!

I totally ripped this look from the site lol. Love it!

Tie on skirts is on trend!!!

Feel like shopping now huh?
Before that, sign up here and get RM30 shopping credits by clicking on this Rakuten Super Point!

Also!!! Here's a RM30 RaCoupon for you too!

RaCoupon is valid from 23rd July (00:00) to 3rd August (23:59) only.
- Total coupon value is RM30.
- Minimum purchase of RM120 required in order to use the coupon. (Does not including shipping fees)
- Coupon may only be used once per person.
- Coupon is not returnable or refundable upon order cancellation.
- Rakuten reserves the right to make the final decision in case of a dispute.

By the way, Rakuten currently having a Raya SALE event running with the conjunction together with the festival to give away lots of cool prizes whereby customers are able to stand a chance and walk away with it.

Raya event:


Saturday, July 19, 2014


So.... I guess you watched the video me and Daphne did when we was in Sydney!
If you haven watch it yet, here is it (with chinese subs too all thanks to Daphne lol) :


 Okay, it was pretty random how we got this idea. We were chilling at coffee place in bangsar and we started asking each other questions on random stuff. We found out that there's so many things we didnt know and while we're asking halfway, I was like "Wait! we should keep some questions and do a video about this!It's going to be damn funny!!" So we did it in Sydney cuz it's cooler like that lolololll. jkjk. Yep, basically there's more questions but we used up while we're having coffee. BUT ALL THE ONES IN THE VIDEO ARE UNPLANNED LOLLLL. We cut the video so much cuz she was trying so hard to ask some questions that I don't know about her.Its quite fun to know how well your bff knows you. Well, I really think that I'm a super good observant (virgo!!!!) and I really know daphne too well!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ad - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sometimes I think it's a great thing when brands offers free samples to try on so the customers wouldn't waste money on buying things that doesn't fit them. I mean it's better to try something before buying, so I'm that type of person who would take free food samples in supermarkets and go for the ones I like.

Just like Libresse, I've been blogging about them for years and I think it's really great when my readers (you) can get to try them. All you have to do is like Libresse Malaysia facebook page and go to for free 6pcs sample pack!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Designed to fit.

Remember the time I blogged about how I was so tempted to collect the Libresse tin cases? Guess what?? I got all five of them! I've been using Libresse pads & pantyliners for a while now and was so happy that the Libresse promotional pack came with the cute tins!

Sometimes as girls, we tend to spend more than guys do. I’ve lost count how much I spend on pads and pantyliners every month, so I will always go for the good and affordable ones like Libresse. Heck, even if there were no freebies, I would still go for Libresse because the pads & pantyliners are one of the best brands in terms of quality lolll

One thing I love about Libresse is that it’s designed to fit. Like they say, absorption is nothing without fit. Libresse pads are designed anatomically to fit the female body as they have a wider front to secure the pad in place, narrower middle so that it fits comfortably between your thighs, and folds neatly in the back for a close fit to your buttocks.

The pad has a unique contour to fit the female body from the front all the way to the back, and therefore is the only thing that’s in contact with your body and can directly absorb the menses. No more leakage!

To know more about the pad, you can view a detailed video here

Also, I regularly use Libresse PureFresh Green Tea Odor Control for pads & pantyliners, because I love the soft cottony feel and long-lasting freshness. And especially when I wear scented pads, I feel more comfortable when I wear them at the beginning and ending of my period. The pantyliners are also super thin and comfortable to wear that I sometimes forget that im wearing one, and the most important thing is the pantyliner stays put, especially when I’m out for gym. I’ve tried other brands before where the pad doesn’t stay in place for long :(

Anyway, if you're interested to try it you can always go to their website to get samples. Like it then buy it!!

Monday, June 30, 2014


Okay I'm definitely one of the last one who blogs about KLFW 2014. (not really a blog post but just wanna record that I've been to KLFW lol). It was my first time joining KL Fashion Week, supporting my favorite local designers including Joe Chia, Pearly Wong (my awesome cousin!), Kittie YiYi...etc and sadly I couldn't make it to some shows due to work :(  

Not gonna post any runway photos here as I think you can get better photos in Fashion Sites like Tongue in Chic or you can also check out some klfw style shots in Streething. Anyway, like I said it's my first time so I'm quite amazed how some of my friends actually changes their outfits to every single show. Super semangat! Always love it when you see locals that take fashion seriously. We need more people like that!

Anyway, here's some of the pictures taken during KLFW2014.

One of the best thing is they actually got Nestle La Cremeria on board! Serving us ice creams right in front of the entrance. I mean I never expect that we can actually have ice cream while watching the show loll. Definitely added some spice to KLFW fashion shows.

I remember blogging about La Cremeria long time ago, it comes in 6 variants namely Almond Pecan Praline, Vanilla Cashew Delight, Chocolate Obsession, Chocolate Hazelnut Temptation, Hazelnut Ganache Sensation, and Strawberry Dream and is available in 1.2L tub at major hypermarkets and supermarkets nationwide.

We are having Almond Pecan Praline that day, super yummy!

Our first time!

My talented couzie Pearly Wong!

Me and Ash are both wearing pieces form her previous collection.
Accessories are all from OS Accessories (can get it from L'L'L' Plus in Sg Wang.) 

Ethan!!! My fav fashion stylist/ my nanny for Converse Seoul trip lololl. Love him!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

How I like my music like that.

Music is part of my life, I don't know since when but music became so important to me, it's sort of became a key to my life now. Music is one of the element that inspires me, inspires my fashion style, inspires my life style.

I believe that as we grow up, our choice of music and our music taste changes base on what we were exposed. Like how we explore music from the songs our parents/sisters/brothers played back then, slowly we find what we like to listen and what we dont. My life was basically from English Spice Girls pop era to Chinese Jay Chou / S.H.E / Lee Hom (primary school) to Eminem / B.E.P/ rap to J-pop Koda Kumi (secondary) to …........ okay too many genre of music I listen to lololl.

If you realize that I've been sharing music around my social media platforms. I belive that music brings people along and I feel really really good when people love the music I listens. Which somehow explains why me and daphne are so close cuz we love the same type of music. We have almost the same taste and we can actually listen to the same song/album without getting bored for the whole month. It's like theres a thing belong to us, okay I sound a little bit gay now #thisisawkward but what I'm saying that, music is a really powerful thing.
We are totally addcited with Sam Smith.

Just so you know, I finally signed up to KKBOX! Apparently it's very famous in Taiwan & Hongkong but I only know about it recently lololl. It's something like spotify but then better because I'm asian and I listen to asian music too. KKBOX cover it all! Both Asian and Western music. But I still wish that they can update their English music as aggressive as the Chinese pop.

Back about exploring music, I used to go youtube and type a song that I like and then explore similar music at the related bar on the right and somehow ended in some weird japanese commercial videos (I bet everyone encounter that lololll) and now with KKBOX's discover button, where you can discover music similar to your fav songs. 

And this is my June Addiction! What I love about KKBOX is we can download this app up to 5 devices including our laptop and ipads. Just log into our acc and your playlist you created or what you played will be in any devices you use.

There's a lyrics button where you can sing along your fav song!!!!!! I belive there's some of you who love to sing before sleeping......

I'm actually still exploring KKBOX, as I know, you can follow me and listen to what I'm playing when I'm on air. You can find me at Jane Chuck :))

You can try downloading the app and use it as free-trial and then if you love it, let me know cuz I'll be giving away KKBOX 7-days-trail pack but limited to 20 only!

Just fill in this form here: and make sure your not the 21st person :P Good Luck!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Wifi in Japan!

There's a lot of people been asking me how do I access internet in Japan? Fyi, the wifi availabality for public use in Tokyo is not as broad as Seoul. In Seoul, you easily find wifi access even if you're just walking on any street like Myeongdong/Hongdae/Gangnam etc, and it's amazing how their public wifi works so well.

I'm quite glad that I made a great choice by booking a guesthouse in Tokyo like how I did last year (different guesthouse). My host in this trip is a super nice guy, I booked 2 rooms for 4 of us from his apartment and he actually provided us 2 pocket wifi so we can access the interenet easily around town. He even loan us the pocket wifi to Osaka and after the trip we gave it back.

Yes, it is better to get a pocket wifi if you're planning to travel in Japan. Of course you don't have to purposely buy a pocket wifi (which I don't think you can buy it here), but you can always rent it before you travel.

This is a site where I find it handy :!wifi/c3c1

One thing I love about Beee Moblile pocket wifi is their easy pick up and drop off at the airport. All you have to do is make a reservation through their site, make payment and then pick it up when you arrive the airport. The rental charge will be applied from the date of depature until the day you drop it off at the airport. Great thing is there is no deposite charges unlike some other supplier that will actually charge a deposite up to RM600. 
You can check the rate here :!rent--rate/cmvl

A tip for you while using the pocket wifi, remember to bring your charger everywhere as most pocket wifi battery life last up to half day only. As for Beee mobile pocket wifi, their battery usage is up to 12 hours and one pocket wifi can share up to 10 devices!!!

Anyway, I just realize that through Beeee Mobile, you can actually rent digital devices such as the famous casio TR-15, instax mini and also powerbank lololl.. Also, if you are going to travel in the winter season, you can actually rent winter wear from them too! Just rent all in one shot so you don't have to buy it for your trip haahah.

Okay that's it about having internet in Japan! Hope this helps!!

Tokyo leftovers.

So many Tokyo "leftovers" in my drive so I decided do a photo post since I have no idea what to do with it. Looking at them make me miss Tokyo so much! I am so gonna go back there again next year, hopefully I can make it at the same Cherry Blossom season. If you're planning for a Tokyo trip, I strongly suggest to go on the Cherry Blossom season cuz it'll make your trip extra worthy and here's  why :
  1. The weather is just right, not too cold, but not warm. Big plus point for fashionistas who love to wear layering outfits, just in time to wear our favourtie biker jackets lol.
  2. Hanami Hanami Hanami!!!! Hanami experience is one of the best part of my Japan trip, you can read about it here.
  3. You'll get to see/eat seasonal items, Sakura burgers, coffee, sweets, etc.
  4. The streets will look extra beautiful with the cherry blossoms. Trust me, it's like what you seen in their anime scene.
  5. You might bump into Miranda Kerr lololl. ( Miranda Kerr was in Tokyo at the same time for some events, no I didn't bump into her but just that it's cool lololl.)
  6. Probably the whole world will be in Tokyo and your news feed will be flooded with Toyko pics and you don't want to feel left out. hahha.
Anyway, here's my Tokyo leftovers that I have no idea what to do with them (mostly don't blame me for making you hungry!)

Best Tsukemen ever, had them last year and decided to go back again!
 Okay I don't really know how to describe the place but I found it on Google Map lolololl so click here to find out where (underground restaurant) . It's near Birkenstock meiji-dori.
Tea-time at Sunday Jam Harajuku.

Super pricey Laudree cosmetics....... 

 We had snow crab near Ginza
Most pricey meal we had in Tokyo :/ but it's okay, thank god it's good lol.

My must go burger place in tokyo, The Great Burger!

Yakitori at Meguro!

Freshness Burger!

 While queing for Eggs & Things!

Heh, I just made myself hungry right now....