Friday, July 30, 2010

Whisper Ultra To The Rescue!

Okay,I’m gonna share some girl stuff with the girls.So boys,just scroll away or if you guys don’t mind,you can read and share to your girl friends  :)

Girls,do you know what are the days I hate the most?
Menstrual Days..

I think every girls hate it…

Why ?

1.Menstrual Pain.
I know,not every girls have menstrual pain,but I do.Mine is like super hyper pain till I don’t even wanna get out from bed.I cry sometimes.. But menstrual pain just occurs one the 1st or 2nd day for me.I tried many ways to stop the pain.Pills,heating pads,chocolate…So if you guys got any effective way to cut down the pain,please share some with me :)

2.Sanitary Pads.
You know the feeling when the thing becomes like waterfalls in a sudden and the stupid pad take like idk-so-long-time to absorb your “thing” and then coincidently you have to do yoga or dance or even walking or whatever thing and you can feel the “thing” is still there.AND sometimes the stupid pad don’t even absorb all your “thing”.

YOU KNOW THAT FEELINGS right?very very icky feeling..Makes me feel so unsecured and end up staying at home not going out!
Especially in school.There’s one time the stupid “waterfall” thing happens and I’m standing and suddenly I have to sit,and the lousy pad didn’t do what it have to and boom,RED in everyone eyes.One of my FML memories.fml.

Well,problem number 2 isn’t a problem anymore!

Because I found Whisper Ultra :-D Yes!Like finally!
Whisper Ultra really works.
There’s a fresh absorbent core on the mid-section and sides of the pad which provides greater absorbance so when the “waterfall” comes,everything will just straight go into the core :-D
QUICK & FRESH!!Also,it gives me clean and dry protection all day long!!! No more icky-vicky-fml-feelings anymore ~Weeee

So thanks to Whisper Ultra,I don’t  have to delay any activities like last time,I don’t have to find “colorful”excuses or even made lies to reject invitations.I hate to reject or not showing up on important events because of my stupid period.But now I don’t have to :)
I can now go out like usual feeling FRESH in menstrual days,Fresh like I’m not having!
Oh!I can even wear white pants without worrying anything bad will happen :-P

PS : Since the pad’s packaging is in pink and it’s very thin,I don’t have to feel awkward when my boyf look into my bag.hahaha.Cuz most guys are not interested with pink stuff so they wont take and see what’s

If you girls have the same problem like what I have*last time,I suggest you girls to try out Whisper Ultra :-D Ain’t Cheating!!Another tip,remember to change your sanitary pads at least every 3-6 hours.First is to feel fresh,and secondly,is to prevent bacteria.Btw,it’s not good to not change your pads right :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

World Stage

I AM GOING TO MTV WORLD STAGE @ Sunway Lagoon THIS SATURDAY!!!!*screammm!!!*

I am so so so so so so so happy that I can have tix to go,YEY :D I can't believe Im gonna see my favourite pop singer Katy Perry!

*Teenage Dream - Katy Perry*

I swear I'll go crazy when she steps on the stage.I hallelujah.

Besides Katy Perry,Tokio Hotel is ROCKIN' the stage too!
Just in case some of you who dont know who is Tokio Hotel (but how can you not know Tokio Hotel.duhhh),this is Tokio Hotel.

*Darkside of the Sun - Tokio Hotel*

fyi,you can see alot of Tokio Hotel's Bill wannabe hanging outside Pavilion and some in Bukit Bintang area.You know...the guys with eyeliner Kidding :-P

Katy Perry + Tokio Hotel is actually enough for the whole world stage thing.But to make the world stage BOOOOM,Mtv invited Woder Girls too.
Dont tell me you dont know Wonder Girls..The 5 ladies who sing "nobody nobody but you" ??If you still dont know,YOU alot.
here's their new hit :-D

*2 Different Tears-Wonder Girls*

Since mtv is helding in M'sia,local band Bunk Face is gonna join too :-D

*Prom Queen - Bunk Face*

Can't wait for World Stage to come :-D

*scream again!!!*

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

FB X-rated videos.

I wanna blog this for a long time ago,but then when I'm feeling to blog about this issue,I'm kinda like stuck and so I stopped and clicked the "X" button.But until yesterday,I saw someone posted X-rated videos again,appeared on my news feed.

I wonder why people(especially guys) wants to share those type of videos.Facebook isn't a place to watch porn or even share porn.If you really wanna share those video so badly,why dont you just open a porno website and post whatever porno you want.But the problem is,what makes you wanna SHARE videos like that??You're not even the "superstar" humping inside.It just made you another ham sap pervert guy.

I saw someone(not only one,some-many) shared videos about other races doing their "thing" being captured,mostly captions like "omg,look" or "wtf so digusting.." or "I wanna puke".What came across my head is like,other races are humans too.What is it so disgusting and makes you wanna puke?Dont tell me only Japanese can have sex and it is not disgusting to watch a Japanese porn.You know what makes me wanna puke?Is you.Not the videos.The videos leaked out,and you trying to share to everyone,its okay to share privately with your close friends.BUT NOT FACEBOOK please.Do you know that you have UNDERAGE friends too?Speaking of underage,I even saw underage who just going through puberty shares videos like that,and guess what the video source is 100% from the adults.

Facebook should be a healthy page.Im really glad that they did ban those videos.But there's still people who shares videos like that.SOME ARE THEM IS EVEN FRIENDS OF MINE.So if you guys really want to share,click the "send as message" to the friends you wanna share with instead of sharing to public.First,you wont spoil your image officially being a ham sap lou.Secondly,to avoid your underage friends to watch.AND THE MOST IMPORTANT thing is,not to pollute my news feed and facebook.

Sorry if I offended you.I'm just sharing what I feel..
(you is mostly referring to those who shares things like yea..)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


And so,I'm having my orientation week.Orientation is boring.Me no likey!
Guess what?!There's only 8 students studying my course,6 guys and 2 Baby Daphkisses is studying with me,or else I'll be the only girl

I am here to answer the questions that most of you asked/asks.

Q1 : What camera are you using?
I'm using Ricoh Gx200,I bought it at Fotokem Sg.Wang (near the front entrance),cost around 1.6k.
The pics' color is more softer than other camera,alotsa function to play with,so I'm still discovering my baby rich :-)

Q2 : What model is your blackberry ?Where you get your lil berry's(my blackberry) devil casing ?
My lil berry is Blackberry Curve 8250 :-) For the casing,I got it in lowyat,can get it in most of the shops there.I dont recommend you to buy it at Sg.Wang or other shopping malls.They sell 2X higher prices.

Q3 : What cosmetics/skin care do you use?
I always use diff cosmetics,so do read this Will update everytime :--)

Q4 : What contact lens are you wearing?
I'm wearing Barbie flower grey and Honey wing brown :-)

Q5 : Which college are you studying?Course?
I'm studying(soon) Taylor's Lakeside Campus,taking dipolma in multimedia design.

So if there's more questions you wanna ask,feel free to leave me a comment,I'll reply asap :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

My college life is getting near :-) Orientation will be on next Monday,which is only 2 days to go ('A') Im very very very excited cuz I'm finally get a
I'm sicked of staying at home,facing the computer,eat,tv,bathroom,sleep,and even sometime go to Pavilion just to eat snowflake and as you know Pavi's parking fee cost like idk-expansive than my
I go Pavilion almost twice a week.Idk why.I spend a lot,Idk what I buy,but when I calculate,Idk where my money goes.
Probably is Parking fee + snowflake + food + starbucks + sometimes  maybe I saw cute panties from top shop / suddenly got sales = $$$ gone.
And just now I went to KLCC and bought VIVI September issue which cost like RM42.Fml.
Luckily it's the last week of July.I cant wait for my next cheque :-( I even thought of buying a new wallet but I guess,I shouldn't :-( *But it's really nice........*
 fyi,I use what I earn,I never ask money from my mom for like idk-long-time.I dont even wanna ask money from her.I'm 18 and asking money from parents is quite a shameful act.So I just hope I could earn more.When college starts,I think I will got more money problems,especially petrol :-(

Well,it's dinner time.I'll blog more soon :-)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

seventeen seven ♥

Another day out with the loves on last Saturday ♥ Pavilion.Idk why,Pavilion makes me feel like just love to go there for no reason.Bck to the topic.It's my turn to be the driver of the day ♥Nana came my house early in the morning,again,to get ready and off we go to fetch vivi ♥

Outfit of the day  ♥
Top - Pull&Bear
Pants - Sgw
Bag - Agnes B tote

Camwhored while waiting for baby vivi ♥
And Off we go to Pavilion ♥ ♥ We were so hungry and we felt like having pasta so we went to La Bodega for brunch :-D
Nana's Chicken something tapas thingy.Stupid chicken cubes so hot it burns my toungue :'(
Forgot to take pics of me and vivi's lah..
some other pics ♥

Mine is the yellow one,then vivi's and nana's.
Look at them,busy with ther Blackberries...And I, busy taking
Kiss Kiss Kiss ♥
Look at nana face at the #3 pic.SO ADORABLE.OMG.

After that,we went to watsons cuz baby vivi said she wanna buy the hello kitty X Maybelline Mascara.I'm not a Hello Kitty fan so I didn't buy.If it was Stewie X Maybelline,I will buy!hahaha!Stewie is much more cute than the dumb pink kitty.STEWIE ROCKS!♥
After watsons,we went to the accessories shop,cuz we saw a very cute hairband.Nana wanted to buy the hairband but she didn't know which color she wants,and me,I wanna buy the scrunchies!!SO MANY COLOR TO CHOOSE AND I HAD DILEMMA.But we finally bought wat we want and so sorry to baby Liza and her KZ.They were waiting in Starbucks for almost an hour....guilty...Sorry :(

Next stop,Starbucks ♥

My mocha frapp ♥
What we do in Starbucks?Chit-chat and camwhore.
what face was that ...

Liza and her KZ went back after awhile,but three of us stayed and camwhore :-D
Played with the B&W effect ♥ ♥ ♥

We chilled awhile and off we go to the branded shops.I'm so into a Gucci wallet.I'm gonna get one soon!I dont care :-P But still thinking which design I should get :-(
Fetched Vivi home after that and since I'm driving,I went to Cherine's house to get something :-) I'm so smart!She said that I'm smart cuz I found her house.LOL.And the next thing she said is,YUM CHA!We called Charmayne and Eunice along :-D

Chilled @MCD
Eunice is always camera-shy!
Went home after fetching them back and waited awhile and off when to watch a STUPID movie with hubby.Cheated by Gillian and Alex Fong.RATED WORST MOVIE EVER!!!REGRET!We should have watch Predators since Inception's tix sold out :'( WAW for supper and home ♥

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day out with bwincessnana ♥

Huan wrote on my wall "Kei,bring nana go hang gai..XD"

As you can see,I've become Law Na Na's baby wanted to go out shopping so badly,and asked me to accompany her,so yea,the next day (Friday) we went out together ♥ As usual,Law Na Na come to my house at first,bath,make up,hair done and off we go!But this time,Law Na Na is driving...

Fringe is so fugly!So I cliped my fringe up.
We went Sg Wang at first for brunch and shop!Didn't take much pictures/Didn't take pictures at all when we're at Sgw.After Sgw,next stop,Pavilion.Baby Vivi ♥ joined us to Pavilion since she just knock off from work :-D

Vivi's i-forgot-the-name tea and My favorite Milk Tea ♥
Outfit of the day ♥
Rompers - Sis bought from China
Leggings - Top Shop


Went shopping again after that.I didn't buy much.But Nana bought alot!!Her huannie came to meet us around 9-ish and the off to Wong Ah Wah for dinner.And that made my Friday ♥

Gonna blog about Saturday Outing soon,stay tuned :-D

Friday, July 16, 2010

LG Cookie Monster Party

BEWARE,The monsters are now invading the city…

Remember last year?LG introduced the most affordable touch screen mobile phone,LG Cookie,which made everyone go RAWR!!And now…LG Cookie Series is launching their 3 brand new models LG Cookie 3G, LG Cookie Plus and LG Cookie Fresh with 5 cool new colors to make the second RAWR!!

What’s the RAWR for??

The new LG Cookie 3G provides Wi-Fi that support fast internet access!Besides,the phone provides easy shortcut keys for SNS sites,Dolby sound,Music Hotkey and also Ringtone Creator functions.

As for the LG Cookie Plus, it’s centered more on social connectivity. It is also a 3G handset which supports downloads and running applications, pushing emails and web browsing.

For those who crave for a new look, LG Cookie Fresh offers the features found in the original LG Cookie but comes in dynamic designs and various bold colors. Rawesome.

To celebrate the rawr-ness for the brand new LG Cookie Plus,there will be a PARTY for us!This is not a normal party but an LG Cookie Monster Party!!!And the theme is gonna be MONSTERS!!Yes,everyone will be party Monsters :-P FYI, Kenny Sia will be the host of the LG Cookie Monster Party!!

LG Cookie Monster Party will be held on the 24th of July 2010, Neutral Club,Jln P Ramlee (next to Grand Modesto’s),6pm to 10pm.The RAWESOME part of this party is,the monsters got a chance to win a brand new LG Cookies.SO DRESS AS MONSTER-LY AS YOU CAN.

Lady GaGa did a great job in dressing like a…

(I would like to name this)The Red Riding Boogie Man.

The Panty-hose on Head Monster
(no offence on Lady Gaga,she got great outstanding costumes.)
Of course, invitations are required to attend this rawrsome party.

So how to get invitations?

1.Write a blog post with "I Love to Touch My _____".
Eg,I love to Touch My Cookie.
Be as interesting as you can to win one of the 3 best Pre-event Blog Posts :)

2.Include this picture to tell everyone you’re going to the LG Cookie Monster Party

3.Submit your entry here
Don’t forget to give the exact details they need  Cause they’ll send the invitations through email!!

100 most creative blog posts will be selected and the bloggers will win an invitation each to the LG Cookie Monster Party!!And Prizes will be given to the 3 Best Pre-event Blog Posts too :-D

For more information, click here

So whatcha waiting for??Get your invitation now!!RAWRRR…