Friday, August 12, 2011



Can't believe I'm actually blogging this late!It's okay,feel bad for not updating frequently :( I got emails to reply,I really miss blackberry right now,I miss the way it works,so quick and easy!Ughhhh.Okay,I've been busy like a bee,buzz buzz buzz,but also,not to forget to keep myself pretty!lolll.

Went to Jeff Lee Hair Studio with baby daphne days ago,wanna dye our hair!Uhm,I just fix my roots,loving my dark brownish color ;) Daph dyed her hair reddish brown,super love her color!Should have just dye it :( Nevermind,I'll just find Jeff again someday.
 bishhhh,ugly black roots!
 Jeff fixing my hair!Woots!

 Happy girl again!

Wednesday,Daph and I decided meet up Ke Qing for desserts at ZenQ desserts @ Sunway Pyramid,it's been awhile we never meet each other!I still remember that we we're like so so so young when we first met,so it's really funny when we flashback those old days.
Decided to go ZenQ Desserts to give it a try since it's new!! ZenQ Desserts is located somewhere near burger king,easy to find cuz it's green!
 So many to pick!Dilemma!So we also pick
ZenQ Grass Jelly is a must!!!SUPER YUMMYY I AM CRAVING FOR IT NOW.
 Red Bean Milk Shave Ice!!!
Taro Barley!!!
 ordered Taro Milk Tea and Aiyu Baby Pearl Winter Melon Tea!Yummeh Yummeh!
Ugh,craving for ZenQ desserts at this hour.Why am I doing this to myself T.T Should have blog it tmrw!loll.

Lastly,wanna say thankiew to hubby boy for getting me this marc by marc jacobs Iphone case!Weeee

I think I can't open my eyes anymore!Sleep time!Good night


  1. may i know where is the hair studio ? thx

  2. Hey Chuckei,may i noe what camera you use it!=D

  3. Jane Don't always use iphone to camwhore.not nice... feel like a bit low... everyone make the same.

  4. Love your hair & the MJ case is gorgeous!♥


    may i know where can buy this shirt? which brand is it? i saw u wearing this shirt with diff color often, very nice~~~ can u tell me which brand? tq tq.

  6. Where did you get your top? So nice :)

  7. Babe Jane.. you are so gorgeous!!

  8. Hey chuckei!
    Can I know where u bought your Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume?
    I find it for so long ;)

  9. without make up u do look like a guy....