Saturday, January 14, 2012


I dyed my hair again.I dont know why I use the word "again" prolly cuz I dye my hair too frequent -.- Spend so much money on my hair :( I've been surveying for the cheapest service in town and I end up dying my hair in A Cut Above Academy@Sunway Pyramid.Haih,can someone just sponsor me hair service :(
look at my pudding hair.Mine was not really serious thou cuz I just dyed 2 months

Daphne and I decided to have something similar,so we decided to add some colors to our hair.Dilemma in choosing colors,blue,green,red?Speaking of colors,we have to bleach our hair.
 first time bleaching took hours of my life.I'm so regret that I dyed my hair black the previous time :( Luckily I just have to bleach the tails.
 Dyeing the roots!
PINK?!!!!!! When my hair dye came daphne was like :"WHY GOT PINK ONE!!!!!WHY MY ONE NOT PINK!!!" (fyi,she wanted pink for her tails but then the hair stylist said they cant make it pink cuz the pink dye is not strong she did another color.lolllll)

AFTER 6 hours pain in the ass...
PURPLE IS IT!!!!Well,it looks so purple in this pic but actually it's reddish violet in real life..
yea.The actual color.

So what do you think about my hair?Dont forget to check out ashley and daph's new hair too!


  1. hi jane. may i knw how much u dye ur hair? :)

  2. HEy pRetty, since u dye ur hair so often, can I ask how u jaga ur hair so that it won't look so dry?
    U mention u use hair treatment Also rite? Can I knw what brand and how often u do it?
    Thx... Ur hair look wonderful...:)