Friday, February 17, 2012


Just a lil fashion update on what I wear when I'm in Guang Zhou,China :) 
It's super cold that day compare to Hong Kong and Macau's weather.It's Only 11°C on the noon and only 7°C at night!!
Thank god I bought a faux fur coat when I was in Bangkok,cost quite cheap but I forgot how much is it -.- 

 I was quite active on weibo when I'm in China,cuz it's so hard to access to

Outfit of the day :
Snow Leopard Coat and Silver shirt from Bangkok , Topshop Leighs Super Soft Skinny Jeans , CDG Jack Purcell , H&M Bag

Actually,I love cold weather.I would rather die in the snow than burn till death.Hahaha!I'm serious!
BTW,I just found out that my pic for fashion update are always looking down,hmm...


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