Friday, February 24, 2012


So I'm Justin Bieber now 
 or some guy in boys over flower -.- 
Just kidding,I'm just having fun with this new iphone app called HairChange

Recently I'm addicted to this new anime, Another.I ditched Conan the detective cuz it has too many episodes to catch up!I'm only at episode 80 and there's like 600 more episodes to go,then I kinda play cheat and try watching the latest one and the graphic was like super nice but weird.SO,I decided to watch other stuff and I saw this :

The first episode totally scare the shit out of me.This anime is about a highschool curse that started since a popular girl name,Misaki died on 1972.Students who studies in class 3-3 might face death so every year,students tries different method to prevent this curse...

Damn I shit at summary.So this whole anime is about shit happens on innocent students and teachers.They have 7 episodes so far,I can't wait for the next one!!You can watch it in PPS or download it using Qvod.

Check this out :

Apparently this anime is from a novel!
I wonder if they have english version of this?I would like to buy and read actually.

I love anime alot,so if you watched any nice anime please recommend me!!


  1. Deadman Wonderland! Haha~ It's kind of a thriller type anime :)

  2. You can try to watch One Piece! It's a great anime so far

  3. the novel have in chinese=taiwan vesion, i know i m late, coz i just discover ur blog, and enjoy reading it :)

  4. the novel have in chinese=taiwanese vesion,i know i m late, coz i just discover ur blog and enjoy reading it :)