Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I love Hong Kong

Next stop,Hong Kong!This is my second time visiting Hong Kong,the first time was last year's Hong Kong Disneyland sponsored trip.I've been wanting to go Hong Kong again after the first visit so I'm really happy when Mummy said we're going to Hong Kong this year cuz by taking a ferry from Macau,it's only an hour trip to Hong Kong!

Wonder if you realize I've been wearing this pair of CDG Jack Purcell in my whole winter trip.It's so dirty right now :'(

Hong Kong is a real busy place!I realize that Hongkees walk really fast.Taking taxi in Hong Kong is quite expensive so taking train or go by walking is a better choice.Daddy booked BP International Hotel for our HK trip which located in Tsim Sha Tsui.
Really glad that we were in Tsim Sha Tsui area cuz Harbour City is somewhere near around there!Walking distance from our hotel to Harbour City is about 10 minutes or less :D

 In 2 days time,we've been to areas around Tsim Sha Tsui ,Mong Kong and Central.
I'm really sad that we didn't go to Disneyland this time!Heard that Toy's Story land in Disneyland just opened not long ago makes me even sadder T.T TWO DAYS IS JUST NOT ENOUGH FOR ME!!!!!

Time for some eye candy :P

 Dined in The Spaghetti House,recommend this place.Located near Time Square Hong Kong.
   Printer Sweater from Topshop, Shirt from China, Bottom from Stylix.

Btw,came across this video..
This girl look familiar....  Is she Taiwanese or what?

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  1. Your luggage bag is nice!may I know how much n where to get em?light or not ur luggage bag?