Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Macau Chips

It's my first time visiting Macau.I never think of going to go Macau cuz for me,Macau is just a place for gamblers,a place full of casinos.I don't really like gambling so that's why I'm not really excited about Macau.Hmm..thou I'm not a casino fan but I would love to go Las Vegas just to see those beautiful buildings and maybe cuz of the movie Hangover.lol


After my first time visiting in Macau,I changed my mind,I was amazed by this place!I want to go there again.I haven seen enough of Macau and the worst thing is,I haven even try the famous Portuguese Tarts :( Oh and I can't believe we didn't go to st. paul's cathedral.ugh.I'm so fail to say that I've been to Macau :'( Should have stay one more night in Macau before heading to Hong Kong.

We reached Macau from Bangkok on evening,so only half day to spend in Macau on the first day and we spent it in the Macau's new Casino Lisboa.MY FIRST TIME STEPPING INTO CASINO and my bro gave me some chips to play.Well...it was fun actually ..even thou I didn't win or lose.

The next morning,we went to Venetian.Apparently this place is very famous cuz there's a Korean Drama shot in this place.I think it's Boys or Flower..or something like that.I remember I watched a few episodes that shot in Macau.But I totally forgot what's the story -.-
Venetian is a really beautiful place.Everything is so Venice.Now I know why is it famous in Macau and everyone wants to go there.Venetian is a hotel,a casino and also a shopping mall,it's consider big compare to other casinos.

Macau has one of the most beautiful night scenes,with the lights and buildings!I just hope to go back there and try their Portuguese Tarts and Pork Bun :( I'm amazed by Macau.Now I wonder if someday I'm so lucky to go Las Vegas,can I handle it???

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