Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's 2012

Valentine's day,just another day for happy couples and a not really happy day for those foreveralone lol.We're not a really big fan of Valentine's day cuz we dont like plannings...So the last minute decision is to dine in our favorite italian restaurant, La Risata @Ampang.I know right,La Risata again?!?!We just love this place :) 

It's a last minute plan so we didn't make reservations but thank god there's one last table available :) Didn't know that we can make reservation by posting on La Risata's facebook wall :/ Should have done it earlier so we can get nice table and pretty decorations.Hmph!

It's okay,at least they gave us a heart shape balloon so we look more romantic.lollllll.
WE ARE HERE CUZ We just wanna eat their famous pizza and their spaghetti alla risata.Yum.
I love this blur pic cuz I 10X
 Look at the cheese......
 The best spaghetti ever!
Wo yao kiss kiss ! wtfkillmeplease.
Thank you baby boy for everything,I know I said this almost everyday but I'm gonna say it once more...

I love you.

and I know you love me too :) hehe


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