Saturday, February 11, 2012

We found love in Bangkok

Bangkok night life is awesome.
If you get to go Bangkok,note down RCA (Royal City Avenue) cuz that's where you gonna spend your night in Bangkok.All the most famous clubs are there.Also,that's the place where you get to see hot thai chicks or maybe hot she-man.I think those hotties that I saw are mostly female..I guess...

Daddy brought us to Route66,he said it's the dad is the coolest :P No doubt,Route66 is superbbbb!Even the washroom is awesome.The washroom is super big,prolly big enough to be a club itself.I'm SERIOUS!!!Regretted that I forgot to take a pic of it :/

Had a really great night with the love ones :) 

fyi,All taken by using Lumix GF-1.

To create this light effects,you can try switching your flash mode to Slow synchro flash.The second you click the capture button,shake your camera around.To have better effects,try going to dark place with colorful lightnings :)

btw,was on weibo and saw alex fong and chrissie chau was doing this...
 So #challengeaccepted 
Hmmm 90% succeeded I guess.Can you do it too???

Thats all for tonight!Good night!

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  1. Hi Jane, do you change the way of make up at your eyes part? Look different recently!