Sunday, March 11, 2012


Had a very casual photoshoot with my lil sis Ashley few days ago thanks to the cutest photographer ever,Mandy Gioh!!You can see some sneak peaks of the photoshoot from Keep Calm and Snap On Facebook.

This post has nothing to do with the photoshoot just that on that day we went to Plan B @Publika for brunch before we start shooting.It's my first time trying Plan B but I think it's like Ben's,Plan B is more for breakfast&brunch and Ben's is more to dinner??I'm not sure thou,their menu are slightly different.Apparently they are from the same company,so thats why their concept are almost the same....

I ordered Egg Benedict.First time trying something other than pasta -.- I'm kinda sick of pasta recently,especially Carbonara.But one thing I realize is there's always someone will order Carbonara,the last time was Daphne,this time is Ashley.I forgot what's the name of the pasta Mandy ordered.Something to do with tomato sauce.

My Egg Benedict looks totally like a pair of exploded boobies.TAST SUPER YUMMMM.
Green Apple Juice again.
Mandy's idk what it is.
Ashley's Carbonara.

I think my photography skill is improving.lolllll wtf right who will say that to my self but I think I really did take good pictures!Right??Maybe I should consider becoming a photographer too.LOLLLLLLLLL Just joking.

Okay,sleepy sleepy time.Nights!!


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