Friday, March 16, 2012


Ever play the game “Truth or Dare”?It's one of the hottest game we played in highschool,cuz we get to listen the most unexpected truth and laugh out loud on the one who took the “dare”.There's this time we even dared someone to buy a box of condom.It's very childish I know but it's really funny to see the embarrassed face when buying a box of condom and it's actually illegal to bring condoms to school.Don't ask me why. 

I always think that sex education is really important.Not to say encourage anyone to have sex but I think it's better to share with them about the importance of having safe sex,the importance of wearing a condom.BUT that's not the biggest problem.Buying a box of condom is a problem,the mixed feelings of awkwardness and embarrassment,some people might step back and just have unprotected sex.

I bet Durex knows about it so they finally come up with this contest called Durex Naked Box to increase awareness of having safe sex and decrease embarrassment buying condoms.

Durex Naked Box Contest is a 6-week, global, online contest to engage with Youths all over the world. The contest will involve every participant to challenge the others for the creative development of the new packs globally. They need to submit their design/creative and compete with submissions from participating countries all over the world.

There are 2 ways to enter as finalists:
a. Participants need to get his/her design/creative as weekly most top voted design
b. Participants get his/her design/creative within top 6 most voted designs during the contest period
The 12 finalists will be judge by panel of judges and the winner will see his/her own work, produced, distributed and sold by Durex on a global base.

Also, 2 ways to design your Durex Naked Box :
a. Upload your own design (Image below 1MB,325X490px )
b. Use the Naked Tools provided

I'm actually having a lot of fun designing my Durex Naked Box and I finally come out with something inspired by my photo above.Mustache and Stripes.
So cute right!
I call it Durex Parfait just a random name I came up with.
No one can question a mustache ;) I hope you get what I mean.hehe.Please vote for me at the Naked Gallery!

There's tons of prizes to be won everyweek!
Prizes as below:
1. Grand prize: Cash GBP 2000 and a Durex Prize Pack (Durex T-Shirt, a pair of Durex unisex brief and Durex iPhone cover). And of course, your design will appear on Durex boxes worldwide
2. Weekly Design Winners: An Apple iPad and Durex Naked Box goody bag x 6
3. Leader board Winners: An Apple iPad and Durex Naked Box goody bag x 6
4. Every week 100’s of items of Merchandise will be given away e.g. Durex t-shirts, Durex unisex brief and Durex iPhone cover will be randomly chosen amongst the people voting and designing
5. Local prizes (for Malaysia entries only):
a. Malaysia Best Individual Design – 3 cash prizes (RM500, RM300, RM200)
b. Winning College – a unit of LCD TV
c. The most supporting college (the most entries) – a unit of LCD TV
d. Certificate of participation

The Durex Naked Box contest is open to all age,so feel free to design your Durex Naked Box.Make Malaysia proud ;)
Click here for more info.


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