Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hair Update - March.

Hello,I wonder if you notice my hair is shorter at the previous LG Prada Launch post.Yes,I chopped off 4 inches of hair,the part where I dipdyed.I am so happy that my hair is shorter now cuz my previous long long hair was a huge mess.I've been wanting to cut it since the day I got back from China.Nagging and telling my friends how shitty my long hair was and I finally cut it last week!It's much shorter now.I even dye my hair into darker orange brown,but it's not really obvious thou....

About the curls,it's temporary,I curl it myself using Babyliss 31mm.I dont recommend girls to perm their hair cuz it's very hard to maintain curly hair and your hair will end up like grass if you dont do treatment and stuff.I perm it long time ago and I swear that I never perm it a hair curler.,I'll do hair curling tutorial soon okay ;)

Okay,just wanna update a lil something about me.Thats all for tonight!Tata!


  1. Hey Jane :) I was just wondering what brand of skin care products are you using? Or do you have any recommendation? I am having oily skin.

    Thanks :)

  2. Hi, where did u get your Babyliss curler?

  3. Hi, where did u get ur Babyliss curler from?