Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Next Lee Hom??

We are the Lau sisters and we do anything we can to help each other out.This time baby Ashley is making noise telling me she want to win the Imported Lee Hom Bahamut Dragon Air Guitar from a contest called "The Next Lee Hom".Listening her telling me she wants it so badly,I just can't sit back and let someone else win the guitar.SO I IS COME TO THE RESCUE!

We grow up listening to Lee Hom's music so I think this contest is just a piece of cake for us ;)
"The Next Lee Hom" contest is being Lee Hom.There's three ways to join this contest :

(a)Video Submission
Film a 30 sec - 10 minutes video of you singing/impersonating/lip-syncing/dancing/playing instruments video to any Lee Hom's songs.Basically anything will do,even a parody of Lee Hom's songs. 
Upload the video on this fb app @ ,you can check out other entries,see whether other Lee Hom has the swag you have.
The best video will be selected by the judges so be as creative as you can to impress them!

(b)Voice Recording
Dont have time for filming?
No worries,Just dial *22009 and karaoke or sing along to a Lee Hom song.All you need is a voice and a phone.

(c)Take a Picture
Simply snap a picture of you striking a Lee Hom pose.OR dress like Lee Hom will do.
Then, send it to 23131 to be in the running as well as receive FREE MMS content every week

After a big discussion with baby Ashley,we both agreed on doing (a),means we're making a video!
I love making videos so we came out a lot of ideas for making our Lee Hom video work.
We decided to do a parody of this video :

Please watch the original video before watching our parody.

I'm the one filming,directing and editing the video so there's no me inside :P 
I think baby Ashley and baby Mini did a very great job  here !

If you think you can do a better Lee Hom than us,FEEL FREE TO CHALLENGE US.Dont be a chicken okay!I bet you guys have some "Lee Hom" in you.

Winners will win prizes :
1 x Imported Lee Hom Bahamut Dragon Air Guitar
 5 x Autographed Open Fire Greatest Hits Album

Speaking about the real Lee Hom,I can't believe I just missed Music Man II:Live in Malaysia 2012.Listening to my friends telling me Lee Hom concert was super amazing make me even sad and regret for not going.Ugh.Hope he's coming back again for Music Man III soon!

btw,you can get exclusive Lee Hom downloads by getting on The Cube and dialing *888#. Then, select Hot Deals and choose Lee Hom or go to

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  1. May I know is it only for Celcom users to participate? Cos I am not. Pls reply, I really wish to join and win this.