Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Our 3rd Anniversary.

It's me and ma baby boy 3rd Anniversary of being together last Wednesday,on the 14th of March.Can't believe it's only the 3rd year,it seems like we've been together very very long,more than 3 years.Maybe because we see each other almost everyday.I'm really happy to have a boyfriend who come and see me everday eventhou he lives super far away from me :')

Baby boy knows I love Korean BBQ so much so he decided to bring me to Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant @Sri Petaling.I feel so so so touch cuz he hates Korean BBQ (dont ask me why) but he actually brought me there for our 3rd anniversary :') I know right,normally couples go those fine dining restaurants to celebrate their anniversary but we're having Korean BBQ.I'm glad that we're not going to have fine dining cuz I think it's too expensive and not worth it for people like me who dont know how to enjoy fine food.SO IM SUPER DUPER HAPPY THAT WE'RE HAVING KOREAN BBQ.Can we celebrate all our celebrations in korean bbq restaurants :P

ignore the messy table ignore the messy table ignore the messy table 
  I asked why he gave me this pose and he said because it's our third anniversary.lol.
 Face of happiness and for Korean BBQ! (sucessbaby)

It's my first time having Korean BBQ at Daorae.I feel so outdated cuz I heard it's quite famous but it's weird that they don't have a branch in Ampang :/ I think maybe it's becuz that there's too many Korean BBQ restaurants in Ampang.

There's only two of us so we don't dare to order too much else we gonna waste it.But there's too much yummy things to order so FOL.Boyfie don't eat Beef and lamb but I insists to order one of them for myself,and I chose the lamb.We also ordered pork and squid for barbeque, and also my fav kimchi soup.We don't dare to order too much cuz there's still tons of side dishes for us to finish.
Kimchi soup
Pork pork pork!
Pork is done but lamb is still cooking!(No idea why I typed that for caption.)
They gave us free korean pancake!Nom nom nom.
 Squid and whole lots of side dishes!
FACE OF FULLNESS but cant resists watermelon.

and I did the pose of 3.

Luv luv luv
boyfie damn fail he made me look like I'm kissing a butt -.-" #phailed
Some pictures of us :)
Had a super great night that night.Thank you so much baby boy for everything.Wish we can be happily ever after and stop eating too much cuz I think we're getting fatter and fatter.lol

Lastly,thank you baby boy for the present :) I love you.


  1. 14th march, anniversary on pi day! 3.142 Stay sweet forever!!!

  2. Can i know how much is the pandora?