Friday, December 7, 2012

Bangs on!

I know you wanna cuddle me *puppy eyes*.lollll just kidding.I guess everyone knows I finally got my bangs.I've been in dilemma for months wondering should I cut or should I just stay with middle parting.I really wanted bangs but I think I look pretty with middle parting (lolwtfiknowyouwannapunchme).BUTTTTTTTT impossible I'm gonna stay with middle parting for the rest of my life right.Fyi, my middle parting is getting my bald, my hair looks flat and I'm actually bored with it SO that is how I made up my mind and chop it off.

Yoshi wanted to cut my bangs since 2 months ago, he asked me if I ever wanted bangs please save it for him to cut.When I told him I wanna cut my bangs yesterday he was actually more excited than me.lollll.

Besides getting bangs, I've got my hair trimmed @Number 76 yesterday.I chop off about 2 inch and asked Yoshi to make my hair more fluffy and bouncy.hehehe.Something like Keiko Kitagawa's hairstyle in Paradise Kiss.
One good thing about going to Number76 for hair cut is they can always get the japanese hair styles you seen in japanese magazines.They got their Japanese technique for everything, even hair wash.

My heart damn gan jeong but I know Yoshi never let me down,hehehe.
If you want any of my hairstyles you can find Yoshi at Number76 Midvalley Branch.

Immediately I look so much younger with bangs.I'm really happy with it but I still haven get used to see my self with bangs.lolll.Somehow there's alot of you said I look like park bom/korean in this pic.hahahha flat nose, small eyes version of park bom??.Not everyone fancy my new bangs but it's okay!!

With curls!!Okay my bangs look a lil bit awkward cuz I curl it wrongly.hahaha Gimme sometime!Not easy to curl bangs thouuu.

PROS of having BANGS (my opinion) :
1. Younger looking
2. Fashionable 
3. Look nice even without make up
4. Dont need to do forehead implant lol
5. Smaller face when your hair tied up

1. Maintaining
2. Not everyone is suitable, especially those with short foreheads
3. Look shitty when the it comes to wind.
4. Need skills to blow/curl the bangs.

Forever21 Red knit wear, Topshop Khaki Leigh, Nakedkimchi loafers, H&M bag.

Btw, I finally got myself a new phone!I lost my phone 4 months ago in a friend's house, someone stole it.I've been using my boyfie's iphone since you can still see me posting pics on instagram.Boyfie knows that my social platforms is every important to me so he offered to lend me his iphone and let him use my Prada phone (he said android phones are to complicated for me).A week later someone stole that phone in the club so he has back his blackberry :( Unlucky couple of the year.

Anywaysssss... he can has his phone back now cuz I got myself a Samsung Galaxy Note II.
It's quite complicated to use an android phone but I'm getting used to it.Don't ask me why I don't go for iphone 5.I still love apple products so I'm not taking any sides.Hahaha.

Okay!That's it for today ~ Tata!


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