Friday, December 14, 2012

Kotex Bootcamp @ Club Med, Cherating

I was thinking how am I gonna blog about the bootcamp I went in Club Med, Cherating..hmmm maybe I shall start from why suddenly I get to go there. Last month, I joined a contest organized by Kotex® called Carian Gadis Konfiden Kotex® Fresh (Confident Girl Search ) and thanks to those of you who voted for me, I was one of the 30 finalists that get to go for the finale! The 30 lucky finalist will have to attend a bootcamp in Club Med, Cherating for 3D2N and the winners will be chosen after evaluation by the judges. For me, going to Club Med is already an awesome experience so if I didn't win I won’t be sad lah. lollll

After I get the confirmation for being one of the 30 finalists, I'm actually happy but also scared cuz I'll be going aloneeeeeeee T.T What if I couldn't make any friends? What if no one wants to talk to me? I really had that kind of convo insde my head and I was thinking maybe I shouldn't go. BUTTTTTTTTTTT... On another side, I keep on telling that I must break through this wall and be a survivor.lollll.SO I DID.I packed my bags and go MIA for 3 days.

I thought I brought a lot (small black bag in the middle, beside the orange one ) then I saw other luggages.... Opsie I think I brought too little things....

Goodie bags for us!!

Schedule for 3 days.

Honestly I didn't take much pictures cuz I feel awkward when everyone is concentrating in each sessions and I'm there taking pictures. So here's a recap on what I remember about Kotex® Fresh Boot Camp @Club Med Cherating :

My room was located quite far from the base but it's all worth it lah.
 Comfy beds.
Clean toilets.

We had our breakfast, lunch, teatime and dinner in the same restaurant inside Club Med.All in buffet style BUT their buffet is really good.They had range from asian to western.Steak, sushi, kimchi, dimsum, nasi lemak..almost anything you can think of #drolls. 

Day 2's Breakfast.

Day 2's lunch.

Day 2's dinner.

Day 1's dinner.


Here are the few talks we had :
Zon Anda dan Saya (You and Me Zone).
It's actually an activity for us to know each other - the rest of the 29 finalists. There is one challenge where we have to team up with another person and we have to interview and introduce her to everyone, something like a reporter interviewing a person. Thanks to my anxiety, I totally suck at it. But at least I know that this is my weaknesses and I need to improve on this to be totally confident. That’s why I am here, right!

Zon Perhubungan (Relationship Zone )
One of my fav talks where we get to learn how to deal with our relationship problems from Boyfie, friendships, families. We had a small test to check what type of person we are and how we tend to deal with relationship. Quite true thou...Thanks to Kak Azah who taught us quite a lot that day.

Zon Senaman ( Work out Zone )
Where I get to Zumba for the very first time.I heard about Zumba but I never know it could be that FUN! Can really sweat in just a few dance steps :O. We did our morning workouts both indoor and outdoor facing the big blue ocean.. Bliss!!!

Zon-V (V-Zone)
Yes, Zon-V...Vajayjay. Believe it or not I learned a lot from this Zone. Initially, I always take this topic for granted, as long as I don’t have any problems, I assumed it is OK, right. TET, nope – wrong! As a women, you should understand how your reproduction system works in detail coz then you would understand how to really take care of it. We were asked to draw our feminine system (to test whether you riley know about it or otherwise). Zaireen did a good job explaining the whole thing in detail (well, she is a pre-medic student!). Then, Kotex® team explained all about feminine products they have in Kotex® world, from sanitary pad to pantyliners. I really like their new product, Kotex® Pro Active Guards – a product that helps you prevent leakage coz of its side and back guards. Really interesting and real when they showed the product demo!. Oh, and their pantyliners – do you know that they are the first liners ever clinically proven to help deliver everyday V-zone health benefits (such as bacteria control, pH balance). How cool is that. And I just got to know this – all of the liners are breathable so that you feel more comfortable and fresh all day long! Oh BTW, they gave us a full bag of pad & liners!

Zon Kerjaya (Zone Career )
the talk about career is really inspiring and motivational.I learnt about visualization. A cheat for life where we have to focus on our aim and believe we can do it.
I MADE FRIENDS. proud of myself

Zon Menghias Diri ( Grooming Zone )
Kotex brought a team from Maybelline just to teach us how to do the right make up!I personally think I'm actually good in make up cuz I understand their make up language.lollll.The best part is we got goodie bags from them!!Each of us gets a eyeshadow, 2 eyeliners, a lipstick and a 2-way cake!!!!
Other than that, we also get to learn about body types and how to dress nice according our body types.Also, the mod board challenge....
Didn't get to win the challenge cuz we only get a few minutes to do our mod board :(

The BEST challenge!Each of us have to be in a team of 5, we have to hunt for points by hunting hidden cards ( only 55 cards hidden with 5, 8, 12 points) , archery (6 points) , trapeze (12 points) and rock climbing (10 points).I'm quite regret I didn't take any pictures of the challenge cuz we're so busy getting points.My team got the 3rd place.Good job!!

The last night in Club Med, we get to party.There's music, games and also a photoshoot for us!!! I AM SO UNDERDRESSED. My god!!!
Props for our shoot!!

Anyone remember what does this game call ???? Coudln't recall!!


Pretty Hanis!!!!!!!Celebrity of the night!!!!!! She acted in Kotex® Memberku Hawa drama series. Love her muchhhhhh.

Okay, we didn't get to do any beach activities but we get to chill around there.hehehe!
MY ROOMATE!!! Swit chee. We have the same chinese name!!!!!

Last but not least...
Actually the rest 27 of us are also winners lah so no one is sad.hahahhaa!!! Congratulations to all winners for each catergory!!!

I guess that's it for my bootcamp!!!I'm really glad that I made it and I actually enjoyed everything!!!!! I think my confident level boosted up after this trip. Thank you Kotex® for everything!!!! Thank you for this one in a life time experience.


  1. Isn't that game called the Limbo Rock?

  2. Jane!congrats for being one of the finalist!!u look so pretty in all the pictures!!

  3. it's called the limbo dance i guess?

  4. make up tutorial of your eyebrow plss

  5. wow .. its awesome ! y i didnt realise about this bootcamp?

  6. Hi Jane! What kinda camera are you using? :)

  7. Must be awkward at first, I can imagine babe!
    But glad you got used to it and made new friends. It's the start of something new :)