Monday, December 17, 2012


December oh December, it's like the 3rd week of December already and I've been having fun since the first week.So many parties, so many events, and there's more coming.This means there's alot of things to blog for December :/ I think I can blog about it until March.lollll Hopefully I can blog as much as efficient as possible thou now I'm gonna blog about Heineken Thirst 2012 @ Sepang happened on the 8th of December...

One thing bad about me is I must photoshop all my photos.As in I need to edit the colors thou my camera is already awesome enough.I take my blog seriously,must make sure all pics colors and effects are nice. THAT IS WHY I TAKE QUITE SOME TIME TO DO A BLOG POST D: 

Crap to much.

This is #THIRST2012! Fyi, the line ups were the bomb.The party started at 7pm but we arrive on some of the gigs but we manage to catch Avicii, Above & Beyond, Justice and more.There were 2 stages so we have to move both sides to catch different gigs.Exhausting but it's all worth it.

Did some blue eyeliner yo.

Outfit : Topshop cut off Skeleton top, Mint Shorts and Black Comverse shoes


How to light effects (use slow-sync flash and wave your hands while capturing) 

 Duog Gigs Swag.


---------x x x x x----------

Before ending this post, do mark your calenders down cuz Me and Ashley will be selling some stuff this coming 22nd of December 2012, which is also on the opening of I-SQUARESTATION @ Fahrenheit 88.  

I-SQUARE STATION is the 1st innovative and initiative concept shop presenting the mixture of cubical and fashion display, offering spaces and platform for online/offline sellers, bloggers, kiosk, flea market and entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas and unique products in a cost effective way and fully serviced retail.If you own a fashion line/ blogshop and you're interested to get a space, details are on the picture (can click to enlarge)


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