Thursday, December 20, 2012

Topshop Personal Shopper X Chuckei

I know right, I'm finally blogging about the first event I had on December, Topshop Personal Shopper X Chuckei @Topshop, Midvally Megamall.I remember it's on the 1st of December and I had like 3-4 events to go.lolll.Busy....Busy having Fun :P

I'm actually thinking how am I suppose to blog about it cuz it passed quite sometime...Bad thing about not blogging efficient, don't have the ohm to blog about outdated events :/ Must kill this bad habit!!!

I was contacted with Topshop few weeks ago before the whole thing happen.Basically we did a lil collab to make this exclusive event happen just for my readers!!!I heard there's like hundreds of RSVP and they actually offer me to extend the event to 2 session but unfortunately I was full with events T.T Thanks to those of you who came!!!I was really afraid that no one will come so I'm really happy when I saw you guys!!!!

The boyfie was my photographer of the day but he took videos instead of photos :/ So here's a super short video I made using the tibs and bits of what he taken instead of posting pictures..

 Yup it's already full version.lolllllllll.

We had a small talk about Topshop Personal Shopping, Topshop's lastest fashion trends and a lil Q&A session.I was actually super nervous and my mind was literally blank but luckily Danver (Topshop Peronal Shopper) was there and he helped me quite a lot.

For those don't know what is this whole personal shopper/shopping thing, it's actually a FREE service for those of you who need help on you shopping and all you need is to make an appointment with Topshop at  

I was planning to post the pictures tagged by those of you who came that day but I forgot that I changed my phone T.T I saved all one by one in the old phone and it's all gone so I need you guys to email me the pictures at and I'll update on this post!!!

Thank youuuuuuuu !!!Don't forget to tell me what's your name too incase I don't remember :)

Okay,so this post is not done yet.HAHAHHAHA SHIT ME.Do come back again to check out more pictures.lollllll Byeeee.

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 Jason C

 Sky, hello again!!1



 Another Stephanie!! 

 Thong Jean

 Yi Shiuan

 Yee Teng

 Sze Yuin

 Jia Sheue

Thank you for sending me the pics!!Hopefully there will be more events like this and we shall meet again :DDD

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