Sunday, January 20, 2013


Little fashion update for today on how to pull off a bodycon party dress for an afternoon event. Went to Arty Professional X MIVVA blogger event yesterday and the theme for the event was "Stylish in Black".  

Decided to wear my new studded bodycon dress I got from Maison de Vogue and pair with with my Nakedkimchi white loose blazer to make it look less party-ish. Also a cheat to cover my tummy. Having PMS... made my tummy even bloated.fml. 

Maison de Vogue studded dress . Nakedkimchi white blazer . Zara studded bag . Balenciaga bracelet . Nakedkimchi loafers . 

I think I'm not black enough to suit the theme. Should have worn a black leather blazer or something :/

Anyway, my bangs are going through the awkward stage right now, I'm still thinking should I trim it or let it grow. TBH I really love my bangs alot but the boyfie said it's too cute for a girl like me -.-" CNY is coming already so do you think I should trim it? Please gimme some suggestions!! Thank youuu.

That's it for today! Nights love xx.


  1. I like it when u pull your bangs like that, or side-swept it.. =)

  2. You look nice in bangs,but I think long middle part fringe will be more suit on you :)

  3. I love reading simple and nt too wordy plus interesting. Cant stop scrolling. Keep it up jane